Hey everyone! Welcome to my new blog/hobby/most likely obsession. After almost a year of talking to my boyfriend Craig constantly about pop culture updates and tv and movie news, he proposed that I start a blog. I’m guessing he came up with that so that I can bore you people with these thoughts instead. Pop culture talk isn’t exactly in his repertoire.  I certainly do have lots of random pop culture thoughts I’d love to share with you guys. All things entertainment and pop culture related are among my favorite things to talk about!

Everyone who knows me knows I watch at least an hour or two of television a day and watching movies, reading my weekly Entertainment Weeklys and Us magazines, and talking about it all are some of my favorite things to do. So check in to see my thoughts on what I’m watching, what the world is watching, what the mags and the tabloids and the Access Hollywoods are saying, etc. I will do my best to entertain you!

As a huge Idol fan, I will be discussing tonight’s episode, most likely live as I watch it!