Hey guys. So after some good advice from Craig and one of my oldest friends Ashley and her bf Drew, I realized I need to do shorter and more reviews. So here’s the first one!

Tomorrow is the Marathon in Boston so the best thing to do the night before is stay in and relax. We watched Law-Abiding Citizen, which Ashley and her Drew said was a great flick. And it was. The main plot of the movie is that there is this bad ass guy who is in prison but it appears he’s killing people. The main question is how is this hell is this happening?  It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and you know a movie is entertaining when you look at the time, see it’s been on for 55 minutes, but you swear it was only on for 20.  I also enjoy characters in movies that are both protoganists and antagonists all rolled in one and you don’t know who you should root for or against.

I definitely recommend this for a good movie night on the couch. Gerald Butler is great in this and should stick to action flicks. This is definitely his best movie since 300 (unless you are one of the four people who saw the Bounty Hunter or you liked the Ugly Truth since Katherine Heigl is actually pretty cute in everything she does).

Warning: Pretty bloody but the violence is sick! But you may be wary to answer your cell phone for a day or 2

Bonus point 1: Moment where we all literally jumped out of our seats

Bonus point 2: See photo below