So here’s the first of a new segment I’ll be doing every week or every other week. Here are ten things that are on my obsessive-compulsive mind, whether for good or bad.

1. Ke$ha’s performance on SNL last Saturday. WOW. I really like this chick! She is cool. And I look her bod: curvy, not stick thin!  Watch it and check out the sick laser part. I think she is a great performer.

2.  Glee’s “The Power of Madonna” episode. Best Glee ever. OBVI.

3.  Unfortunately nothing new from last night’s Idol. But currently still obsessing over Lee’s “Hey Jude” and Crystal’s “Come Together” from Beatles week. And Jonah Hill and Russell Brand were hysterical on last night’s Idol Gives Back

4. Justin Bieber’s “Baby” featuring Ludacris. Yep, that’s right, I admitted it. But I love it. And it’s just so damn catchy I literally dance around my apartment!

5.  Dexter Season 4, second half. Me and Craig watched 3 episodes (8-10) Sunday night. I am going to cry when it’s over because it is just THAT good. 2 episodes left and so excited to find out everything.

6. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy split.  Ouch. Not a good moment for Hollywood relationships, they seemed pretty legit.

7. The clip of the Japanese girl on the trapeze dangling over the tiger cage. Have you guys seen this??!! It’s RIDICULOUS. It’s like her parents are dangling fresh meat in front of the tigers’ heads. SO DAMN WRONG. Copy and paste the link to check it out.

8. Sperry Topsiders. My BFF Ash wore them all weekend in Boston and they just look so damn comfy and cute!  They’re actually really in style too.

9. Top Chef Master’s. It’s back Baby! Nothing better than watching it at 11 pm which is basically torturing yourself whether or not to snack the entire time.

10.  “Fever” by Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga. This is going to me my new work out song for sure. Click below to listen!


Let me know what you guys think of this…..i definitely want to make it a main part of my blog. Thanks! xoxo