Okay ladies, so here it is. I was LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY enough to go to the premiere at Radio City on Monday. There was some serious celeb sighting, Sex and the City popcorn, and more ugly outfits than I would have expected! The Donald, Whitney Fort, Matthew Broderick, plus being close up to Steve, SJP, and Aidan. (everyone else I saw from farther away). My celeb sighting list has expanded quite nicely!  BUT what you guys REALLY wanna hear about:  THE MOVIE. How was it?? Was it better than the first? What about the clothes. SO here goes…..

First off, I will say the fashion in this movie is INCREDIBLE. There is a necklace Sam wears to a premiere that steals the entire movie. Plus there a few pairs of earrings that distracted me during scenes for being so gosh darn gorgeous. I need to give a special “you go girl” award to Miranda in this movie. She looks the best she’s ever looked. Her dress during the wedding scene is worth the price of admission. DAMN GIRL!  But it’s Sam who’s character and clothes but especially her jewels who steal the show. Look at these!!

When Patricia Field walked by me multiple times on Monday, I was besides myself. That lady is the Queen of all things sparkly and beautiful and stylish. Another slam dunk for her. This movie does not disappoint in this area. In my opinion, that is one huge reason to see it.

Maybe I started talking about the fashions first because, I hate to say it, but it may have been my favorite part about this flick. NOT that I don’t feel the movie satisfies. If you love SATC and you want more SATC and our favorite four ladies, then this movie will absolutely leave you entertained, pleased, and happy. However, in my humble opinion, the movie does not have the same sharpness, that certain edge that it did back on HBO. Could it be because now the movie is made so that every single woman in America can enjoy it? The movie is campier than the series EVER was. The four girls running down the Middle Eastern road in burkas? How far they’ve come from sitting in the back of the cab talking about anal sex. And I don’t mean that in a good way. I’m sorry if that makes me sound a bit like a snob but I do feel that way.

BUT, on the other hand, the movie is funny, sweet, silly, and enjoyable. The story lines seem pretty realistic and true to character as far as the women’s ages and relationships. Maybe I just need to get used to the women being older as well as myself being older. My friend Ashley hypothesized that since we’re older now, the show may seem less shocking/surprising/etc than it did years ago. That might be what gave the show the “je ne se qua” that I now feel is missing. But girls, go see the movie,  you will enjoy and appreciate it. I think it is a great complement to the first movie, which SJP compared to “pushing a bruise and liking it.” Compared to that one with its serious side, this one is breezy and fun. The girls I went to the premiere with all enthusiastically liked this one better than the first. I have to see this one again to decide, since it took me a second viewing to really fall in love with the first. Please come comment and let me know what you think and if you agree/disagree with me!

And you will particularly enjoy a) Samantha. She is truly the movie’s MVP. And she looks DIVINE.  And b) the scene with Miranda and Charlotte talking about being mothers. That is my favorite part of the movie. I can see us all quoting Miranda’s “SIP” for years to come.

BONUS POINT 1: 80’s flashback!!!! 

BONUS POINT 2: SUPER hot new guy. YUMMY! And extra points for me because 2 minutes after seeing his ass in the flick, I walked out behind him and pretended to squeeze it 🙂