1. I’m just kidding about the Charlie Sheen thing. I’m not obsessing over his beyond bonkers behavior. BUT the whole entire world basically is so I had to put it down. Anyone who has ever gotten high knows that this guy is not just high, he is high as a fucking kite, in every one of his clips. He is a complete mess. How the hell did he pass the 20/20 drug test?? He must have some mad scientist drug dealer who knows what to give him where he can still have clean pee. Insane. Winning? Give me a friggin break. My dad just told me that “sheen” has become a verb. As in “Christina Aguilera has been sheening it up all over the place.”

Check out these hilarious skits performed geniusely by Jimmy Fallon and Bill Hader.

2.  American Idol

This season is officially kicked off now after last week’s top 24 being cut down to the final 13. I agree for the most part with the selection. My favorite so far is Pia Toscano. She brought the place down last Wednesday, going last for the girls and singing a very powerful and moving version of the Pretender’s “I’ll Stand By You.” I also think I like her because she reminds me of the gorgeous Molly Qerim, the CBSsports and Versus sports reporter who has been one of my best friends since we were 3. Except Mol’s prettier 🙂

Molly on the left, Pia on the right


3. my new shoes/ALLOY catalog

I got them from my favorite cheap clothes catalog, Alloy. I first got it as a mistake I think and it’s become my go-to catalog for cute tops. The two I bought for last summer I wore to my two b-day celebrations, so that’s saying something. I also like the models they use a lot. Check out the website:

Alloy catalog

4. Camila Alves Oscar Dress

Okay, so I didn’t see her at the Oscars or on the red carpet specials, maybe because I didn’t even think to look for Matthew McConaughey, let alone his baby mama. But when my friend Justin told me that her dress was one of his favorites of the night, I had to check it out. And it is GORG. Nice work lady. Much better than your work as host of Shear Genius.

5. The Bachelor reunion and next week’s finale

I’m not normally such a regular viewer of the Bachelor but I think I was curious to see Brad Womack go on for a second time. I think in general the girls handled themselves pretty well this season, as far as not losing their minds over a guy they barely know. Minus Michelle, the lunatic. I don’t really care who wins, I don’t particularly like either of the two finalists. I had liked Ashley (who came in third).

6. New Orleans

Craig and I just booked a trip there for April, for his 30th birthday. Now I’m counting the minutes! It’s the first time going for both of us, so let me know if you guys have any suggestions for what we should do when we are there.

7. Jersey Shore

Okay, this season is like watching a car wreck. Ronnie and Sam’s interactions are beyond disturbing. They both could be benefiting from some good individual therapy right now, and I have to say, it’s shocking how much MTV steps back from intervening during the filming of this show. A slap on the Real World and you went home, meanwhile on this show MTV just sits back and watches the craziness unfold. It definitely makes for good tv, that’s fo sho.

8. Ray Lamontagne

I just bought tickets on Friday for his show at Central Park’s Summer Stage in May. I’m so excited. The last time I saw him, he played acoustically, just him and his guitar, at the Beacon. Now I’ll get to see him play with his band, the Pariah Dogs, and some of my favorite songs of his require the band to be performed. Time to download their newest album.

9. Modern Family.

It’s funnier than ever.

10. The Roomate

In case you guys haven’t seen it, I was 100% obsessed over this clip from the Dana Carvey episode of SNL from last month. I ❤ Andy Samberg (it’s okay, Craig knows). Hysterical.