So this new segment on Hot2Molly are some things in pop culture, fashion, music, etc that you guys simply must do during the week. In my opinion of course. So here’s the first of these new types of posts.

1. Watch last week’s Glee’s “Sexy” episode, featuring Gwenyth Paltrow.

Not only does this show keep getting better and better, but Ms. P. is beyond incredible. I think this is some of the very best work in her long impressive career. She really can do it all. She is an amazing actress, has a beautiful voice, is absolutely stunning, and, after watching this episode, apparently she’s a great dancer too. I really love her. Watch this episode. Her three performances are stellar and her character is so funny and witty too. Here’s a clip of Gwenyth’s first performance in the show. Joan Jett’s Do You Wanna Touch. Super sexy! (it might malfunction and bring u to a behind the scenes clip, so just scroll down a tiny bit and choose the performance)

Gwenyth Paltow rockin out

2. Buy or wear your leather jacket.

The weather in the next month or so is perfect to toughin up your night time outfit with a hot leather (or faux leather) jacket. I have two and adore them both. One (like the one on the left) with a little lining is perfect for end of February-first part of March, while one without a lining you can wear til the warm weather really begins. Both of mine are faux but look very real. I love the rocker edge it adds to your outfit and wardrobe.

3. Watch Zach Galifinakis’s SNL episode from this past Saturday.

I haven’t gotten to watch it yet because I was away all weekend, but Craig and I are going to watch it on dvr asap. Even if you don’t typically watch SNL, you know this one is going to be hilarious. And that people will be referencing it and talking about it. So get to know the new castmasts, see what amazing character Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, or Fred Arnison will play this week, and see how looney tunes Zach G. is by watching this episode. Here is a link to watching it online. SNL with Zachie

4. Download/listen to Adele’s new CD, 21

I spent this past weekend visting my friend Justin in Philly. He played this for me while we were getting ready Saturday night. HOLY shit. This girl is amazing. She can wail and her songs (that she wrote herself) are sad, sweet, and beautiful. I downloaded it last night and can’t wait to listen more. I have already spent the last month obsessing over the first single, Rolling in the Deep, which I’m sure you guys know. And how pretty is she? I love her big eyes and lips.

5. Start getting in shape for the summer

It’s really time now to start putting the pedal to the medal and getting ready for bikini season (or for my male readers, those sexy swim shorts). I have been adjusting my eating and stepping it up at the gym, and I have been able to see a difference already in the month that I’ve done it. Join me in my new diet, the 4 night challenge, where I’ve cut out carbs at dinner four nights a week. I like the aspect of control it gives me and eating healthy protein and veggie centered meals like four nights a week really adds up. I will be adding new no-carb and other healthy recipes to my blog on a regular basis (at least once a week). That in combination with healthy lunches during the week and the diet part of healthy living is taken care of. On the weekends you can enjoy treats like french fries and guilt-less meals out. I’m so lucky to enjoy these meals out with Craig and I never worry about what I eat during those times.

And I bought this hot suit in black from Alloy catalog (see my description of my fave catalog in last week’s 9 things…). Such a hot suit!

So get going with these Must-Dos!!