Okay,  so my rock and roll lovin man is not going to be too psyched about this one, but, in my eyes, pop music is having a moment. At least in my opinion, I’m enjoying more pop songs right now than I can remember liking in a long time, let alone all at once. Some of these aren’t exactly brand new but still on the newer side. Here’s a list of the ones you have to be listening to walking down the street/on the elliptical/getting ready for a night out/while slaving over your comp all day/whatever the hell ur into.

1. Til The World Ends- Britney

She is back, baby. Britney is a friggin cockroach, she will always be around. And I just love this song.

2. S&M-Rihanna

This girl is unstoppable.

3. Tonight (I’m Loving You)- Enrique Inglesias

4. On The Floor- JLO

Not very original (I think it sounds just like another song that came out before it), but it’s fun and JLO has never looked better.

5. Blow- Ke$ha

6. Raise Your Glass-Pink

7. Rollin In the Deep  and I’ll Be Waiting- Adele

The first one I’ve loved for months, but this second song I discovered listening to her album. Download it now! These are my two favorites from the album.

8. Born This Way- Lady Gaga

The last five seconds of this song are JUST SICK. I listen to that whole song for the build up of hearing her sing the chorus throughout the song and lead up to that ending.

9. Yeah (3x)

Chris, you may be one crazy mofo but this song is catchy. No doubt about it.

10. Fuck You- C Lo Green

OKAY, I was totally infatuated with this song when it FIRST came out months ago. But I put it on this list because I still cant help but go crazy at the gym when it comes on. And it’s actually still #3 on the pop billboard charts surprisingly.