This week is almost entirely devoted to TVs and Movies.

1. Watch Elton John’s SNL episode

This is a totally hilarious episode and it’s the first time Elton has been on since 1982, and his first time ever hosting!  Seeing Elton John acting/hamming it up was strange and wonderful. The cold opening, the shot put, and the Queen and King of England skit were particularly hilarious. The performances with Elton and Leon Russell were also really fantastic. Be sure to download “Monkey Suit” from their album, the Union. Last week was a really big week for Elton John on tv, between SNL and being the theme of the week on Idol. Which leads to me insisting that you guys….

2. Start tuning in to American Idol

This show is better every week, obviously since the weak links really are getting voted off. Elton John week was of course spectacular. Casey’s version of “Your Song,” Pia’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” and Haley’s “Bennie and the Jets” are worth checking out on The show’s on again tonight, dont’ miss it!

3. go to the movies and see (or put in your Netflix queue) “Paul”

This sci-fi comedy starring and written by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (of Hot Fuzz and Shawn of the Dead fame) is really just a fun, awesome movie to see. Seth Rogen is the stoner, smart-ass alien they hang out with and Kristen Wiig is amazing as usual as a woman who says the funniest swears I’ve ever heard. Ex: “dick milk”. Definitely rent this if you don’t want to see it at the movies. It’s super funny, has action, and actually sweet/tender at the end as well.








4. watch the priviews for Bridesmaids and the Hangover 2

I think Bridesmaids looks absolutely hysterical! Like a female version of the Hangover, with my favorite person Kristen Wiig starring (and writing).  This will be a must see. And the Hangover 2 preview finally came out. Looks like it’s going to be another nutty one!

Bridesmaids trailer

Hangover 2 trailer












5. watch on Starz or Netflix The Karate Kid with Baby Will Smith

Okay, so I know this is random BUT I watched it in bed on a Saturday morning and I loved it. Jaden Smith has so much charisma and is like a lil mini me version of his daddy. I really do recommend this!










and a MUST NOT….

Do not believe the hype. I think Britney’s new album, Femme Fatale SUCKS. Multiple reviews called it her best album in a long time. And I love “Til the World Ends,” which is the first song. It’s all downhill from there. And I like a good work out song but the whole album is crap dance. Maybe a random better song here or there but everything but the first song (and the second, Hold It Against Me, which is alright) is forgettable. And I just need to make it clear that I have always been a huge Britney fan. “In the Zone” and “Britney” are nonstop good tunes. So that’s why I went into this new album so excited. But nope.  And going from listening nonstop to Adele’s 21, which is so deliciously wonderful, to this one definitely made this mess stick out even more . Lemme know what you guys think if you disagree!

Sorry Brit Brit.