Alright guys. I will start by saying YOU MUST GO SEE BRIDESMAIDS. It is laugh out loud over and over, hilariously funny. Every minute is enjoyable and I laughed harder in this movie than I have in a long time. The whole audience too, men and women, laughed like crazy together.

Kristen Wiig is adorable, and as my dad would say, she is “a goddamn laugh riot.” I have loved her for years as the female star on SNL and I am so happy that she could write and star in her own movie and have it be this wonderful. And this is not a chick flick. The way The Hangover was a guys movie but girls loved, Bridesmaids is a girl movie that guys will love too. I saw this movie on a Friday with a girlfriend, thought non stop about it on Saturday, and then took Craig to see it Sunday. And I would watch it again right now if I could.  Extra bonus points for wanting to steal Kristen’s clothes off her body in practically every scene. Her character had the cutest style. And the supportive characters were stellar. Melissa McCarthy, from Mike and Molly, is particularly great.  GO ASAP to see this movie. You will leave the theater in a great mood and with an ab workout from laughing so much.

My 3 favorite scenes: the airplane, the one where she breaks all the driving laws, and obviously the bridal fitting






Now for the Hangover 2. I went into this movie not expecting much because I did not want to set myself up for disappointment.  Well I guess I’m ruining that plan for you right now but I loved the Hangover 2. I think it did exactly what it set out to do. It was silly without being frustrating or stupid. So many comedies lately have super frustrating story lines and characters, which is not my cup of tea (i.e. Dinner for Schmucks, Due Date). I was pleasantly surprised that this movie was not like that. I really thought it might be since that seems to be the direction a lot of comedies seem to be going and Zach Galifinakis played that to a tea in Due Date.

Speaking of Zach, he had so many funny one liners in this movie. He was as funny if not even funnier this time around. He also had the audience laughing out loud over and over. And two stellar additions in the sequel : a bigger part for Mr. Chow, played by Ken Jeong who I love from Community among other things, and a super funny monkey. Any movie is better with a funny monkey, let alone a funny monkey that smokes.


Not sure what my favorite scenes are, I would have to see it a second time like I did with Bridesmaids.

Definitely let me know what you think by posting on my fb wall or writing comments here. I’m really curious to know what everyone thinks!!