Ashley Hebert, the Bachelorette. Here are a few of my thoughts from this weeks episode.

1. Bentley is mental. The whole time I watched this I thought to myself, “this guy has a daughter. How scary is that?” He is Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. Scary. Here is his ex-wife, Suzette, talking on Access Hollywood. They mentioned to her about being the next Bachelorette. She is surprisingly so cute and sweet!

Bentley ex-wife on Access Hollywood

2.  Mask guy. U are a huge dork. The dentist guy summed it up perfectly when he said it was like finally opening a shitty present.

3. Ben, I was pretty into you during that flash mob but then you talked. Ouch. Coming on a lil strong buddy. Not sexy AT ALL to me.

4. And Ashley. I am ashamed of you. You feel in love with Bentley after spending, to quote Suzette, “63 minutes.” Shame of you. There are some super sweet men here for you in the other room. It’s sad how insecure she is. She is really cool and super pretty. Sillyness Ashley, pull yourself together! Here she is on Jimmy Kimmel talking about the episode. And she was right.  He’s right. Her judgement was beyond terrible and she screwed herself by only seeing what she wanted to see.

Ashley Hebert Jimmy Kimmel part 1 Ashley Hebert Jimmy Kimmel part 2


Looking forward to tomorrow’s new episode!