So since I have been living to eat my entire life (as opposed to eating to live), I decided I wanted to share my delicious, wonderful, dining out experiences with my readers. I am so fortunate to get to experience and experiment with restaurants throughout NYC, most often and mostly due to my wonderful partner in crime and partner in food, Craig. In the last few weeks, we have had a lot to celebrate and celebrate, through food, we did. Here is the first of the insanely amazing 3 places we’ve gone to in the last two weeks. Am I spoiled or what??! The others will come over the next few days.

Flex Mussels: Upper East, E. 82nd between 3rd and Lex

So this is Craig and mine favorite restaurant, “our place” if you will. We eat here every two or three months, bring all our visitors, family, friends here, and have many special occasion dinners here as well. It’s also nice that we walk 3 minutes and we’re there. So Flex is, obviously, all about the biggest, most juicy and delicious mussels in over 20 different sauce variations, each in a huge pot with tons of sauce to soup up in the end.  Each different mussel preparation is better than the next. The frites are also some of the best fries ever and go perfect in all the sauce, as does the crusty bread. The food is from Prince Edward Island and the interior designs are paintings and photographs from P.E.I, so it feels like Craig’s home in Nova Scotia (they are both Maritime Canadian provinces). We also always start with oysters and the Spicy Salad. This salad is the only salad I’ve ever seen Craig go bonkers for. It’s arugula with parmesan strips on top and this dressing is a surprising flavor explosion (surprisingly because it’s clear).

This trip to Flex, I had the Bruschetta mussels. They came with big chunks of san marzano tomatoes, huge croutons that soak in the garlic sauce, and tons of lobster. Just as an added bonus apparently. This mussel dish didn’t come in the big pot, which means less sauce, but it came with these crazy good croutons. EVERY single kind would come with these croutons, if I had my way.

Craig got the Lobster Bisque mussels that he always gets. Creamy lobster bisque soup with lots of big chunks of lobster. It’s always a winner. He tries to order other things but can’t do it. Ever. Some other favorites of mine: the Maine (bacon, corn, potatoes, in a cream sauce) and the Thai (a delicious creamy thai sauce). You can’t lose here.

And try the donuts for dessert. Unreal.

Food: A+ EVERY single time

Service: A+ these waiters are some of the best and most delightful I’ve ever experienced

Ambience: A+ like a trip to Craig’s fishing village home town

Go and thank me later! There’s also one in the West Village on W.13th St.

P.S. Congrats to Craig on his promotion! (the reason we went there this time). And thanks Mom and Dad for the gift certificate from Craig’s 30th bday present!