So this review is not going to blow anyone away with surprises. You can pretty much guess what this movie is going to be like. Cute, funny, raunchy, sweet/tender at times…basically an easy, fun way to kill 2 hours. Mila and Justin have excellent chemistry and the writing is sharp and funny. I personally don’t find JT that sexy but I love him as a comedian and I think he is one of the best SNL hosts ever. It’s fun to watch him be the leading man in a comedy and he is charming and charismatic. Mila is one of sexiest woman in the world and she looks so cute and has an awesome wardrobe in this movie. This movie is for anyone who wants to stare at Justin or Mila, have a few laughs, and walk out of the theater feeling basically the same way you felt walking in. It’s easy, breezy, and better supposedly than the No Strings Attached movie with the same premise. You will not be disappointed and I definitely recommend this movie. But feel free to wait and see it on your tv at home.  Oh, and it is 2 hours full so they could have shortened it a tiny bit, making it closer to 1:45 or something. I felt a slight twinge of boredom after about 1 hour.

Bonus: There is one laugh out loud part that I thought was hysterical. All I’ll say is it has to do with the Hollywood sign.


Bonus 2: The excellent supporting cast: Patricia Clarkson, Jenna Elfman, Richard Jenkins, Woody Harrelson, and Nolan Gould (Luke from Modern Family).