Here’s my list for the 5 best dressed women from last night’s (Sunday’s) Emmy awards. Also, a few WTFs to hand out as well.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia looks gorg in this coral Vera Wang. I love the look from the back. I also really like the emerald and gold earrings with this color dress. Could she be any hotter?

Nina Dobrev

A Donna Karen stunner. There’s not much to say except “wow” and “I hate her.”

Martha Plimpton

This was the one person who made me go “OMG!” I have liked Martha since The Goonies and she is amazing on Raising Hope. I was psyched for her for looking so hot! And that’s a dress I would kill to wear. But I couldn’t find out who the designer was!

Minka Kelly

Minka’s so beautiful that she could wear a potato sack and look good. But I think this Dior is very pretty and on her body, its an A+. However, it made some of the worst dressed lists. But I think it’s super feminine and I love navy on brunettes. Plus another pretty back.

Lea Michele

She is always a red carpet winner. But the back of this Marchesa is just incredible. I don’t really like her but I always love her gowns. Another stunning fire engine red, of which there were many.

And now the looks I was on the fence with…..Let me know if any of you guys have an opinion either way.

Gwenyth Paltrow

Gwenyth looks amazing no matter what, but I’m not sure if I like this Pucci. But if anyone can work it, it’s this stunner. I heart her.

Amy Poehler

Ms. Amy, I adore you. But I thought this Peter Som dress looked way too tight, modern, and youthful for you. But then I saw this picture and I am kinda digging it more here. Maybe it just didn’t look good on camera when she presented. But this blue was a big color on the red carpet. P.S. I love your husband.

And my “Boooo’s” for the night go to

The attack of the 1990s waif look

I expect this shit from Guiliana, but Kerry never used to look like that. She used to be a curvy bombshell and now she looks emaciated. And Julie Bowen is gross. Like one of those gross, sinewy gym ladies who stay on the treadmill for forever. Eat a sandwich!

Tits McGee over here

I know it would be hard for Christina Hendricks to find an outfit that does not show off her ample boobs, but come on! How does anyone even look at her face when they’re talking to her? I want to go up to her husband and ask him “So, I guess you’re a boobs guy?”

Julianna Margulies

This is my vote for worst dressed of the night. I can not stand those crystal ball things on this dress and this color does nothing for her with her pale skin tone.