After five years of living in New York City, I believe that I know a damn good pizza. I used to have Totanno’s around the corner, plus Fat Sal’s and Two Boots are both a block away. Those are my go to places. But in the last six months, I began venturing downtown with Craig to try the famous Lombardi’s pizza on Spring Street. After an incredible first experience a few months ago, Craig and I took four of his visiting Nova Scotians to Lombardi’s recently.

Well, the world famous Lombardi’s does not disappoint. The pizza is extremely thin so two people split a large. The thin crust is great because you don’t feel like a truck when you leave after having 3 or 4 slices. It also creates the perfect platform for the delicious toppings. Craig consistently has us order sausage and mushroom pizza, but this time we added red onion as well. Just delicious. The ingredients are incredibly fresh and they give a generous portion of each (which they should for $3 a topping, but getting your money’s worth is always appreciated by me). You can taste every single ingredient in each bite. I particularly like the little slivers of basil scattered throughout the pizza.  I enjoy my crust and despite the pizza being very thin, the crust was doughy yet crunchy (perfect!).

I can not speak more highly of this pizza. I warned the group that the last time Craig and I were there, the conversation ceased as soon as the pizza arrived. Fast forward to six chewing, quiet people, who only stopped chewing to spit out compliments and comments like “damn, this is some amazing pizza.” Lombardi’s is a must do. And go every few months if you’re lucky like me!