Well, as most of you who know me can guess, I am one very happy camper lately. One of the best problems I can have is figuring out how to watch the shows on my DVR fast enough to make room for the other shows waiting to record. Luckily, that problem has gotten exponentially easier since the edition of Primetime and Entertainment On Demand channels, best tv addition ever next to dvr.

I wanted to fill in all my friends and readers on the shows that are making your lovable tv geek friend Molly as happy as a pig in shit.


1. American Horror Story: FX, Wednesdays, 10 pm


I put this show first because this is the most excited I have seen Craig get about a show since I first introduced him to Dexter. And I am with him. This is the story of a family that moves into a haunted house, by the creators of Glee surprisingly. It’s completely twisted, spooky, and beyond weird. For those people who do not like horror, I would say that the reaction this show gives viewers the most is “What the f??” as opposed to “I’m going to need to sleep with the lights on tonight.” Minus the first 5 minutes of the second episode when I was completely freaking out. But no nightmares. Instead you ponder about it the next day, which I really like. The cast is absolutely amazing. I am blown away by the casting of Jessica Lange and Francis Conroy, my beloved Ruth from Six Feet Under. Not to mention Dylan McDermott who I’ve always liked (and am immensely enjoying his topless scenes. Wowzah) and Connie Britton, who is consistently cast as a super hot mom (see also “Friday Night Lights”). Also, for you True Blood fans, Mr. Denis O’Hare (aka Russell Edgington) plays a hell of a freaky burn victim. If you like anything that has to do with Halloween and ghost stories, or just plain freaky shit, you will like this. And you owe me quarter for every time you go “What the??!” while watching it.

Bonus points for one of the freakiest opening credit sequences EVER.

2. Revenge: ABC, Wednesdays 10 pm

This is my favorite new drama of the season. Emily Vancamp is wonderful as the sneaky, vinctive, and fn loaded Emily Thorne. The setting is the Hamptoms and it is so fun to watch the action take place in this picturesque environment. You almost feel for a second that you are part of the social elite. And watching a girl take down these horrible people who have wronged her, one person each episode, is extremely satisfying and entertaining television. Craig really likes this too so it’s not just a chick flick mystery. I am totally envious of this girl…she is smart, classy, loaded, dressed and styled perfectly. Not to mention her gorgeous beach house. I am actually surprised that I don’t hate her for all these things but instead root for her the whole time.

3. 2 Broke Girls: CBS, Mondays 8:30 pm

Cute and funny new sitcom from Michael Patrick King, who wrote for Sex and the City. The two leads (including Kat Dennings, who’ve I’ve consistently liked from Nick and Norah’s and 40 Year Old Virgin) have excellent chemistry. Witty and a female version of a bromance. What do they call that? I remember a joint interview with Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph in Entertainment Weekly when Bridesmaids was coming out. They tried to come up with a word. Maya said “sismance” but then thought that sounded like something that happens to your urinary tract. How about Femance?

4. New Girl: Fox, Tuesdays 9 pm

Funny new sitcom featuring the super cute, super funny, charming Zooey Deschanel. I LOL a few times each episode. Worth DVR-ing too because Fox makes you watch tons of commercials on their on demand.

5. The Secret Circle: CW, Thursdays 9 pm

This is actually one hell of a good new show on the CW. About witches. And creepy spells. And hot teenagers having hot teenage sex. And trying to not kill people because they have witchy powers. I dig it.

6. Up All Night: NBC, Wednesdays 10 pm

Another strong new sitcom. I watch this because I love the 3 stars: Will Arnett, Christina Applegate, and Maya Rudolph. Nowhere near Modern Family level of hilarity but I enjoy these 3 enough to keep watching and the past few eps have been good enough for me to recommend it.

7. Ringer: CW, Tuesdays 9 pm

I had to tune in to check out Sarah Michelle Gellar’s big return to television. This show has really been growing on me with each episode. She plays two twin sisters, one who steals the other one’s identity after the other one faked her own death and ditched her hubby by hiding out in Paris. I love the clothes and jewelry they deck SMG in (the sister she is pretending to be is a wealthy New Yorker) and the intrigue is growing with each episode.

8. Pan Am: ABC, Sundays 10 pm 

It’s not the best new show on tv but it’s entertaining, the cast is likeable and cute, and I’ve always been a big fan of Christina Ricci. I feel like I’ve grown up with her with Casper, Now and Then, and Addams Family. She is cute as a Greenwich Village girl who flies the friendly skies. Worth checking out. If you have a vagina.

1. Big Bang Theory: CBS Thursdays 8 pm

What can I say but I love these guys. Always have. Proud to say I’m one of the few people who watched this show from the very first episode. I was actually kinda blown away that Jim Parsons won the Emmy again this year. Wow. People are going crazy for his performance, which I can understand because his character is beyond amazing. He is one of the first genious portrayals of a person with an autistic spectrum disorder, and most likely one of the first to be so vindicated for it with back-to-back Emmys. And I am head over heels for Mayim Bialik in this show. She is so funny as another nerdy autisism spectrum disorder person but she continues to evolve socially in hilarious ways.  We missed you Blossom! I want her to get an Emmy or Golden Globe nom for this role. I am also going to publically admit that I have a crush on Sheldon. Such a sweetie.

2. Dexter (UH DUH): Showtime, Sunday 9 pm

Season 6 is so far underway like a bat outta hell. Amazing from the get go as usual. This season has Dexter stronger than ever (as described by the show’s producers). He has moved past Rita’s death and losing Lumen and he is strong as hell. The season has him tackling the issue of spirituality and what it is he wants to pass on to his son Harrison (he has been so focused on what he does not want to pass on, he has forgotten to think about what he does).  If you are completely deranged and have yet to get into this show I suggest you lock yourself in front of your tv with season 1 immediately. For those of you that know me, the next sentence will be taken as a very serious one. This is my favorite show of all time. Yep, it’s that simple. Pssst.. True Blood you are coming up second my friend. But not even close to this precious gem of a show. Michael C. Hall I worship you.

3. Modern Family: ABC, Wednesdays 9 pm

This show has been phenomenal from the get-go. Clearly season 2 was great, it swept the Emmys. But I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this season is the best yet so far.  The writing couldn’t be sharper, you know and love the characters so much by now and almost feel like part of the family, and it is laugh out loud funny every week. I think the “Phil on a Wire” and “Door to Door” episodes (this seasons second and third) are two of the best ever.  I look forward to these 26 minutes every week.

4. How I Met Your Mother: CBS, Mondays 8 pm

One of the best sitcoms ever. I love these guys. I feel like this show is our “Friends” even though the last “Friends” was also our “Friends.” But they are about my age and living in NYC so it’s just a perfect match. Can’t beat it.

5. Workaholics: Comedy Central, Tuesdays 10:30 pm

This is the absolutely hilarious show that comes on after Tosh.O. It’s about 3 best friends who live together and work together and are complete stoners/drunks/retardedly funny losers. They are my new favorite people. Shout out to Mara and Morgan who got me and Craig hooked by showing us 4 back-to-back episodes over Labor Day weekend. Some episodes are a miss but some are fn hysterical (see season 1’s “The Promotion,” “The Strike,” “To Friend a Predator,” and “Muscle I’d Like to Flex.” Try to watch these episodes if you can through NetFlix or online since this season has been aiiiiight so far. But still super funny and TOTALLY worth getting into. You will thank me. And bonus points for being the first show I’ve seen where people get stoned and drink on their roof in every episode.

6. Glee

Always phenomenal. The scene this last episode with Harry’s mother and him dancing brought tears to my eyes. This season is already so strong.

7. Grey’s Anatomy: ABC, Thursdays 9 pm

Nothing much to say about this one. It’s in the 8th season now. You either watch it or you don’t. I alway have and it is still excellent. Plus there is yummy eye candy for both girls and guys. I actually think the girl watchers win out in this department. Yum.

8. The Walking Dead: AMC, Sundays 9 pm

This phenomenal and unsettling zombie show rocked Craig and my world last year. It came out of nowhere and only had 6 episodes to hook us, which it did. I couldn’t recommend this show more to anyone with a strong stomach. There are some incredible special effects in this show but they ain’t pretty. I found some pretty ridiculous and absolutely disgusting pics that I wanted to insert here but I did not for fear of pissing off people who don’t like looking at someone’s jaw and lips hanging off in little pieces. And kudos to Andrew Lincoln, the star of this show, who before this was best known as the guy who held the cards up to Keira Knightley saying he loved her in Love Actually. He is wonderful, along with other really great fresh faced actors. SECOND SEASON STARTS SUNDAY!!

Enjoy my little televisions fiends. Happy TV Watching/Brain Cell Killing.