I am loving this season so much already, obvi. I just have one complaint. You need to either a) recast Harrison or b) change the way you are writing his part. I consider myself a bit of a child development expert. I babysat my entire life for little ones, mostly for a family of 4 boys, starting when one was about 18 months. I worked with him for the next 3 years about. Then I worked in a preschool for my second year internship and then spent two years doing one-on-one play therapy with 2 and 3 year olds, so I believe I know what I’m talking about.

The boy who plays Harrison looks to me to be about 18 months old. The writers’s have been writing Harrison as saying 3-4 word sentences, which are obviously dubbed in because it doesn’t sound right and it’s always when Harrison’s back is to the camera or he’s off camera. Children that look like this Harrison do not speak that way. And the reason it bugs me is because the writer’s are writing Harrison saying things that are affecting the way Dexter has to act or speak around Harrison. I loved when Dexter was speaking to Harrison openly and freely when he was a little baby. I understand he wouldn’t do that now, he is a bit too old-looking for that, but he would have another year until Harrison was calling him out on shit (i.e Daddy’s box). Or fighting verbally with the babysitter and Dexter thinking that his son has some less-than-perfect tendencies. So my advice, definitely recast Harrison next season, in the footsteps of Lily on Modern Family. But otherwise, carry on the good work!