Yesterday, I was looking for a restaurant to go to with my best friend Molly, who loves Mediterranean cuisine, as do I. Yep, her name’s Molly too and she’s been one of my nearest and dearest since preschool. She is the one who actually came up with the name hot2molly! Anyway, I always say I would like to go out for tapas more often. After researching on NYMag’s amazing restaurant website (my go-to for researching new restaurants), I found

Pierre Loti Wine Bar & Restaurant. They have 3 locations but I picked the one at 300 E. 52nd St.

This restaurant blew us away.

This is one of those classy joints where they serve a nice assortment of olives and oil with their bread. The atmosphere was cozy and quiet, the perfect place for a catch up with a friend or a relaxing date.  Molly and I ate like kings for $35 each but more than just quantity and great prices was the amazing quality of each dish. The menu mainly consists of small plates but some of the dishes we ordered were definitely entree size. Each plate was EXCELLENT, way above average. We ordered pan-seared duck, served crispy in a delicious plum ginger sauce on a lovely crispy potato pancake. Another stand out was the tuna tartare, served with seafood falafel balls. The tartare, made with yellow fin tuna, “avocado muse,” and tomato, was light and refreshing, not at all salty. But for the salt fiend in me, the french fries that came with Molly’s hamburger were to die for. They were thick steak fries, which I normally don’t dig all that much, but they were perfectly crispy on the outside, warm and potato-y on the inside, and seasoned deliciously with salt and rosemary (or thyme, one of the two). We also ordered some cooked peppers stuffed with an assortment of cheeses. They had a very potent blue cheese flavor, but when smeared on bread, this was a tasty, unique treat as well. And they were kind enough to give us both our own little  complimentary dessert plates, I believe it was vanilla bean ice cream covered in a thinly, artistically slice of pineapple.

On top of excellent food and wonderful prices, the service was top notch. The waitstaff was extremely nice and attentive. My water glass was never more than half empty. Molly inquired and the men are all from Turkey. They were sweet men and I wish them lots of luck with their restaurants.

Do yourselves a favor and try Pierre Loti. You will have a lovely meal at great prices, some good wine (it is a wine bar after all), and you will be supporting some very nice people.