So this is a recipe for an appetizer I have made at least half a dozen times and I get tons of praise every time. I just made them Thursday for my work holiday party and impressed all my coworkers for just $15.  It’s easy, cheap, and delish!


2 packages of crescent rolls

1 can of cranberry sauce (whole berry)

1 package of brie cheese (medium size triangle)

crushed pecans



1. Spray large baking pan with Pam

2. Lay out crescent rolls flat onto pan

3. Microwave 3 tbsp of butter with cranberry sauce until butter melted. Spread over crescent rolls.

4. Cut brie and lay out all over the cranberry sauce. Make sure there is enough so that when it melts, most of the surface will be covered.

5. Sprinkle pecans.

6. Bake til golden brown. Cool then cut into squares.

That’s it! I also make a version with gorgonzola and apricot jelly instead of brie and cranberry sauce. That recipe is from I like to make half and half (one can of crescent rolls for each) but it’s cheaper to stick with one.