So I don’t believe I have watched the Grammys start to finish in years. I typically don’t really “believe” in them. I don’t think you can really compare and contrast music, particularly pop music to other genres. I don’t know why I don’t think that way about tv or movies but I don’t. But this year, with Adele being one of most amazing albums I’ve ever had the priviledge to listen to, I wanted to watch it. I am so so so glad I did. With my wonderful bf by my side, we had a great time watching 3.5 hours of performances. And I have to say, I was blown away. The whole show was great but here are my favorite performances of the night.

Chris Brown

I may get flack for putting him, because of his past, but Chris Brown is regularly one of my favorite performers at any awards show. His dance moves are out of control. He is sick and consistently puts out great tunes. Congrats on the Grammy for best R&B album. “Look at Me Now” was one of my favorite rap songs this year.

David Guetta with Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Foo Fighters, and Deadmau5

David Guetta’s album, Nothing But the Beat, from this year, is AMAZING. The song, “I Can Only Imagine,” with Chris Brown is one of the standouts (along with Usher’s “Without You,” Nicki’s “Turn Me On,” and JHud’s “Night of Your Life.” This is another great performance and Foo Fighters, being one of my 2 favorite bands of all time, are stellar as usual. This is a very cool way to remix their song “Rope.”

Jennifer Hudson’s Tribute to Whitney

The show did an excellent job of paying tribute to this icon of American singing. Her death is a tragedy and it pains me to think that, with proper monitoring, she may have been able to get the treatment she needed. JHud’s incredibly beautiful tribute will bring tears to your eyes. It does every time I watch it. I don’t know how she didn’t choke up. So passionate and beautiful.


A-duh! Adele, you owned the night and this performance (and standing O) says it all. Thank you for making an album that will be on my top list for forever. And thank you to your fabulous doctors for leaving you sounding perfect after your surgery. Oh, and looking perfect as usual Gwenyth.

Paul McCartney and Guests

This performance finished the show, and I have to believe it was one of the best final performances in Grammy history. This reminds me of the not one, but two amazing back-to-back Paul shows we saw at Yankee Stadium in July. Unfortunately, those shows missed out on having the amazing group of guitar legends that this performance has. I love the riff-off at the end. Paul, what can I say but thank you thank you for all the music and joy you’ve given us.

And also, the Beach Boys reunion performance and Rihanna’s performance that merged into Coldplay were excellent too, but there were no quality clips. I recommend youtubing them on your own if you get a chance!

****Worst performance goes to Nicki Minaj, who I had high hopes for. Stupid ideas mixed with horrible song. Better luck next year!

Can’t wait to next year’s show!