After watching this internet sensation perform on SNL, to very underwhelming results, I was curious to see if there was a difference between her performing live and her studio recordings. I wanted to check out what all the hype was about, plus the song she sang second on SNL, “Blue Jeans,” had a gorgeous haunting melody. I had an inkling that Lana’s music might sound a lot better in a studio recording than live, which says something about how well a person can sing. HOWEVER, how many singers, particularly females, are autotuned and sucked in live performances? Britney we know, and love. Katie Perry’s singing during her SNL performances were weak too. So to me, a sucky live performance does not make a break whether I would enjoy listening to their music. I wanted to know more about her music and I was intrigued by her sound and her style.

I downloaded Ms. Del Rey’s album and I have barely stopped listening to it since. Seriously. I have listened to it at least once through almost every day for the last week. The songs are haunting, melodic, beautiful, dramatic, sad, sweet. Some of her songs are backed by the Philadelphia Orchestra, which adds a depth and pretty, moody vibe. And even though her voice might sound better after record producers have her way with it, the end result is stellar. Plus, one of the things I love most about these songs is the rhythm and rhyming in the lyrics, which Lana does herself. I am a published poet, whose poems tended to rhyme. I am really impressed by the flow, pacing, phrasing, and rhymes in her lyrics.

There are only 2 songs on the album, out of 15, that i don’t like. So basically I recommend almost every song. The second song she sang at SNL, “Blue Jeans” is my absolute favorite. So sad and beautiful. And I was right, it sounds much better recorded than live.

Other favorites: “Born to Die,” “Off to the Races,” “Diet Mountain Dew,” “National Anthem,” “Dark Paradise,” “Radio,” “Summertime Sadness,” and “Without You” (which has this stunning Indian-sounding note she sings a few times that I love).  That is basically every song. The last time I liked an album from start to finish this much was Adele’s “21.” That is why I had to tell my readers/friends about it. Also, I find Lana to be absolutely striking looking and beautiful. She looks STUNNING in the “Born to Die” video.

Download the album and tell me what YOU think. She’s dividing the music critics so be one of them!