She’s back!!

I am so excited to report that Jessica Lange will be back for the second season of this beloved show. This show was by far the television highlight of the week for Craig and me all fall, along with many people I know. Jessica Lange’s incredibly creepy performance was definitely one of the highlights of the show. Other returning cast members:

Sarah Paulson

Evan Peters

Lily Rabe

Zachary Quinto

Hooray! The wonderful cast was a huge part of what made this show so compelling and its unclear who in the cast will be returning. Every single actor brought their respective character to life perfectly and part of the fun of the series was seeing what new actor or actress was going to pop up as a new character.

If you didnt watch the first season, the DVD will be a must-do for you before season 2. However, without giving anything away, you should also be able to just pick up watching the show when season 2 premieres.