So I just watched the strangest show with Craig right now. It’s called Baggage Battles and it’s on one of my favorite channels, the Travel channel. It’s about a group of antique store owners who travel around the world, or at least USA and Canada. Tonight’s episode took place in Toronto. So these “Auction Specialists” travel around to auctions to, get this, buy the leftover bags from airplanes. Ya know, the ones that never get claimed. But at the auction, the people can’t open the bags to looks at what’s in them. Instead they have to shake the bags, look and feel the shapes in the bag, and walk around them repeatedly staring at them deciding if they want to auction to buy them.

One of the Auction Specialists is named Billy, (above), who clearly thinks he’s a baller. Well Billy kept looking at a huge box covered in tape, that he reported was feather light. He kept walking around it and said the box was speaking to him, “Billie buy me, Billie buy me.” In other words, he had to buy it.

There’s also this guy  (below). He’s Mark, 25-years old and still living at home with his parents and older brother. Mark’s from Long Island. He thinks he’s pretty cool too.

Next they show the auction and finally, the show skips ahead, to the people opening the boxes. They finally get to to see if they lost money paying more for cheap stuff or “made money.” They make money if they spend a little and end up with a pricier object. They would make the profit once someone comes to their store and buys their random piece of whatever-it-is. The show says that some of the stuff is actually worth a pretty penny.

So I’ll let you know what happened with Billy and the super light, huge cardboard box. It was a Chinese New Years outfit. It ended up being a traditional chinese lion head and matching clothes. These are used in the traditional chinese culture for celebrations, such as New Years, openings, and performances. It made it more valuable because it is a traditional costume. This lion head was worth $700. Billy bought it for 90 bucks so he was psyched.  What a climax!

If you want to check out it out, this show was made up of interesting character studies. It was fascinating because these people are professionals collectors, essentially professional hoarders.  But hey, I’m not judging, make a living out of buying shit that your curious about. Go nuts.

Bonus: Having a couple this wacky where the husband dresses like this.

Question for anyone who reads this: The Billy guy reminds me of an actor that I just can not place. I literally can not think of one specific movie he is in, not a hint of a name, nothing. But I can see his gosh darn face right now. If you know who I mean, comment please 🙂 I’m so good at this so if I can’t do it, don’t worry if you can’t!

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