As a life long cinephile, it breaks my heart that there would be shootings like this at a movie theater. It’s a place where you feel safe, free to relax, and get swept away into the fantastical world on the screen. I couldn’t help but think that I bet some of the audience believed it was part of the show, or maybe a special interactive event due to it being the premiere showing (midnight opening day). I then read/hear that this was in fact the case. I know that’s what I would have at first thought.

Since I am truly fascinated in the beyond the scenes aspect of movies, I can’t help but also feel terribly for Christopher Nolan and every other person that put their heart and soul into the exciting final installment of this truly inspired trilogy. There’s no way I’m seeing that movie for at least a week or so, and I firmly believe that this will effect the movie’s performance or its entire existence in ways we won’t even be able to understand.

Let’s all send our prayers and thoughts to those grieving from the incident and be thankfully for our safety and good health. Give your buddy/partner/relative a big giant kiss next time you’re sitting next to them at a film.