Last Friday, Craig and me went to our favorite little Italian restaurant in the East Village called In Vino. This was our third visit there, twice due to Gilt Groupe special meals. I can not say enough good things about this restaurant. It has cave-like walls and a European-like ambience. It’s a great choice for dinner with friends, family, or a date. Check out some of the atmosphere pics….

Nice, right? Row seating isn’t for everyone but there are enough tables that are not built into the rows so that we have had some space the few times we’ve gone. So,  sexy/cool/Euro ambience, check. But it’s the food that sets this place apart for us. It is spectacular. We have never have a single bite in 3 seperate multi-course meals that were not way above-average and delicious. Let me walk you through last Friday’s meal.

For appetizer, we had a special. Burrata Mozzarella with truffle oil and a side of arugula and crostini toast. Burrata mozzarella is as milky and silky as it comes, and the truffle oil brought an immense amount of flavor to it. I am not a truffle connoisour but apparently a little goes along way, even the oil without any pieces of mushroom had an intense flavor. And we both heart arugula. YUM.

For the second course, we got to choose any pasta dish we wanted. We chose the homemade gnocchi in a gorgonzola sauce with walnuts. Wow wow wow wow wow. I have had “gnocchi” before but I don’t think I actually ever really had real gnocchi before now because I’ve never been blown away like this. These were little pillows of potato that melted in your mouth, covered in a creamy delicious cheese sauce, with the taste of gorgonzola but not overpowering. And the walnuts added a nice crunch. Craig compared it to a delicious bowl of mac and cheese. This is a must try if/when you come here. We pretty much licked  the bowl. This was the highlight of the meal for me and I believe for Craig as well, actually perhaps the best dish I’ve ever had at In Vino.

For the third course of Gilt’s special meal deal, you could order any Entree, Pasta, or special entree. I ordered the risotta of the day, mixed with calamari, tomato, and basil. I am a huge calamari fan and this was very nice. The ingredients could not have been more fresh and you could taste each flavor individually but blended as well.  Craig ordered the menu lamb dish, which I had the last time we came, described as a “grilled rack of lamb, sauteéd in red wine,
served with roasted potatoes and spinach.” If you are a lamb fan, this meal will please you immensely. The lamb was cooked perfectly, the sauce was delicious, and the rosemary potatoes and spinach rounded off the rather large plate.

Lastly, came dessert. Craig had never tried tiramisu, which the waiter said was their best dessert. It was very nice, creamy and smooth. You can not see it well in this picture but you can see how damn happy I look after eating this meal.

Do yourself a favor and next time you want an italian meal to remember, travel to In Vino, East 4th Street between Avenue A and B. And keep an eye out for a great deal on Gilt’s website, Craig said In Vino posts them every few months.