On Friday, Craig insisted on taking me to our favorite restaurant, Flex Mussels, to celebrate the end of my social work career. Quick update: this summer I decided to leave the field of clinical social work and do something that brings me more joy. I’m aiming for hospitality, catering sales. Anyhoo, so I originally wanted to wait to go to Flex to celebrate GETTING a new job, but Craig really had to twist my arm hard to get me to my favorite place twice instead of once.

This time they really outdid themselves. I wanted to go with the Thai, my old standby and one of the most addictive soups I have eaten. But I finally decided to order the famous Parma mussels.  I have heard from friends and from Brian, my Flex waiter and manager/gym friend that it is one of their very best. The Thai is among my all time favorite meals and the Parma now is as well. It was simply divine.

The Parma mussels are described as “parmigiano cream, lemon, scallions, toasted garlic, shallots.” The color of the soup/broth is a cloudy white, and is liquidy. However, when you scoop it into your mussel, between the time it leaves the bowl and meets your mouth, the broth has hardened a bit into a soft parmesan cheese. It is outstanding. And the shallots are fried, so this dish is basically cheesey (but not overpoweringly so), onion ring-like and overall one for the record books. Scooping the cheesey onion ring-like goodness out of the bowl with bread at the end was a highlight as well, to say the least. For those of you who are skeptical about the mix of seafood and cheese, all I can say is it works here, and it works insanely  well.

Thanks to Flex for tending to us so well (comping our drink order and oysters) due to a burn I got there last time. Unfortunately, this time Craig got one in the exact same spot, on his right inner arm. It’s pretty cute that we have matching tattoos/battle scars from our joint favorite place. But BE WARNED: the pots the mussels come in are very hot (almost too hot clearly) and they consistently do not remind you of that fact as the food is served. Definitely keep your arms away from the table and the food from your mouth for a few minutes. I can speak from experience that this is very challenging to do but the lack of arm and tongue burnage will make it worth the wait. Plus you can sit and absorb the smell of your delicious meal for a minute or two.


The THAI- curry coconut broth, lemongrass, kaffir lime, coriander, lime, ginger, garlic