So this season has been pretty twisted. But I guess all of them have been. And this show has moments that can be so bad their great. Overall, I have enjoyed this season as much as any other because I am a die-hard fan.

I am still heartbroken that Bill is the Big Baddy this season (a term coined by Mr. Alan Ball himself to describe each season’s villian). It’s so sad how Bill is basically a possessed version of the Bill we have fallen in love with over the last four seasons. When he finally saw Jessica again, the way Jessica looked at him, like “who the hell are you?” is how fans have been seeing him for weeks. There was a time throughout the middle of the season that we still had hope that it was all a scheme to get them out of there and make things right. Even after two episodes ago, when he ratted out Eric and the lovable Molly, played wonderfully by Tina Majorino. But last week’s ep proved those hopes to be in vain. Apparently, not only did waiting suck this year, but Bill does too.

Eric is the hero and I am loving him. Pam is one of my other favorite characters this season and the dyad of her and Tara has brought incredible new light to Tara’s part and is one of the highlights of the season. One of the best lines of the season was when Tara called Pam “Vampire Barbie,” and then Pam walked away almost robotically, which gave us all a moment to think to ourselves, “holy shit, she is Vampire Barbie!” Classic.

Also, Jason has become a badass, finally. This guy needed some loving this season after sorta being a loser since the show began. He makes a pretty hot cop, I must say.

I am so excited to see what happens tonight and for the moment when Pam and Eric finally reunite. Also, I’m guessing it’s over for Sookie and Bill forever. If she ever finds out that he’s behind everything, she’ll never forgive him. Oh well, I still held a candle for Team Billkie, for lack of a better combo name.