So I’m guessing it’s safe to say that me and my mother and the many hundreds of thousands of other fans have to officially say goodbye to the Bill that we have loved for 4 and a half seasons. The sexy, southern gentleman, who loved Sookie more than he could ever love himself, and only wanted what was for the best. He has shockingly and in incredible CGI fashion become Billith. My jaw was on the floor. I waited a few days to write this because I had to rewatch the episode again, it was so thrilling and far out. Goodbye my dear Bill. We’ll have to wait and see what becomes of you.

Eric came through as the handsome, chivalrous hero and I swooned when he stabbed Russell. What a fantastic opening scene.

The description of brave sexy hero also fits Sam, when he exploded inside of Roslyn, played all season with delightful aggression by character actress Carolyn Hennesy. I cheered outloud! The True Blood team continues to out do themselves as far as inventive ways to kill people. And Sam is so damn courageous, its crazy hot!

Lastly, Tara and Pam’s reunion kiss was so romantic and their back and forth comments leading up to it could not have been any better. Great turn of events!

Overall, as stated, they really outdid themselves with the special effects in this season finale and set up some interesting (Billith, Tara and Pam) and some not so interesting as of yet (Andy and his alien babies, Jason being a depressed ramb0) story lines. I cannot believe we have to wait a whole 10 months to find out what happens. I know you can all join me in saying…Waiting sucks!!

Check out this interview with Stephen Moyer discussing the finale from Michael Ausiello at TV Line.