This delicious artichoke and garlic cream spread from CaraCucina is extremely tasty. Fairway markets sometimes puts this out in the olive oil and balsamic area where you can taste test with fresh bread. I was waiting for an excuse to buy it and the cheese themed anniversary picnic I planned for my 3 year anniversary with Craig was the perfect opportunity. It is delicious on bread alone or with a slice of cheese and/or meat added.

In case your grocery store does not have it, you can order from mine, Fairway, NYC’s beloved grocery store. It’s $7.99 for a 4.35 oz jar.

Cara Cucina cream at Fairway store

And I recommend creating your own assorted cheese and meat plate. We enjoyed ours so much. I had 4 types of cheese, Milano hard salame, parma proscuitto, pesto, CaraCucina artichoke and garlic cream, apricot & cumin jam, grapes, apple, tomato, and torn pieces of fresh baguette. YUM