Going to see Finding Nemo 3D is a completely lovely way to spend a few hours. Paying to see a movie at the theater that you know in advance is great is a welcome change. The 3D features take the movie to another level and it was as funny, tender, and enjoyable as it was the first time I saw it. Maybe even better because of the 3D experience. Ellen Degenerous is so fantastic as Dory, I swooned for her forgetful fish like she was a brand new character to me. Do yourselves a favor and pay the ticket charge. You will fall in love with it all over again, I PROMISE.

Make sure to get there for the previews, they are also in 3D and excellent. I am particularly enthused for an Avatar-look-alike Pixar 3D movie called Epic. I am an avid reader of entertainment news and even I had never heard about this movie prior to seeing the preview. It looks like another cool 3D movie adventure.

There is also a wonderful Toy Story short between the previews and the movie that is a total feast for the eyes. Don’t miss it!