Oh Mama Mia!

This past Saturday we decided to do something different for dinner and traveled to Little Italy for the San Gennero Festival. It runs for about a month every September, finishing up this weekend (9/23). We went 2 years ago and decided it would be a fun way to spend a few hours. As long as you do not mind insane crowds and walking like your in a cattle herd, you can have a very nice time munching along Mulberry Street. I consider it a taste testing of whatever Italian dishes float your boat.

Two years ago, I had pizza and zeppoles, light-weight, deep-friend dough balls topped with powdered sugar. This year, we split half a dozen baked clams. 3 were breaded, 3 were stuffed.

I had an outstanding but very overpriced dish of 2 stuffed shells and 1 meatball ($8, should have been no more than $6 at most), and Craig had a yummy $7 Italian sausage hero with all the fixings.

There is every kind of Italian dish you could imagine, as well as pierogis, gyros, seafood, and dessert stalls. The fair is predominately Italian but there are a few other ethnic food stalls thrown in the mix. You buy your food and eat at the narrow counter of the stall you purchased it from. Again, it’s extremely crowded, you move in a herd very slowly, but it’s a fun, vibrant way to spend a few hours and fun on the taste buds, if not the wallet (everything is a bit overpriced). Plan on staying for an hour to 90 minute tops, I know that’s as much of this crowded craziness I could take.

paella man