My favorite awards show was back in action Sunday night, my favorite because it mixes two of the great loves of my life, television and movies. You get double the celebrity action, double the categories, wins, everything. And everyone is drinking and having a great time, so there are more silly moments and a more light-hearted attitude overall than the Oscars. Here are the fashions I think are worth a second look!

My Favorites:


This color dominated and amazed the other night. Jennifer Lawrence looked to die for in a coral organza Dior Haute Couture dress featuring a structured bustier and metal belt around her tiny little waist. A knockout. I consistently love her styling choices.



Kate looked absolutely insanely beautiful in this ornate Alexander McQueen. I love the straight sleek hair. Her ex is the lead singer of my favorite band and I couldn’t help but think he may have pained a bit seeing her last night.



The winner for Best Actress in a Movie Drama (for Zero Dark Thirty) wowed in a Calvin Klein Collection seafoam silk crepe halter dress and $3 million worth of Harry Winston diamonds. The color was stunning with her bright reddish orange hair, which I loved pinned back on the side with glamorous waves. The open back was sexy without being too revealing and showed off her amazing body. I just think she is so cute in general and I really want to see this movie soon to see her performance.



I am not a huge Hathaway fan (I’ve found her to be too plucky and theatrical for my taste) but the girl makes great red carpet choices. I love her Chanel Couture peplum sparkler. And her delicate pretty makeup and cute hair style (growing out from her shaving it for Les Miz) looked great.  And after hearing her speak on the red carpet, she is growing on me. She was humble and sweet and more “chill,” as she described her mood Globes night. I am going to see Les Miz as soon as I can and I am sure this winner for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Musical is incredible in it.



Ms. Affleck is looking hot hot hot in this Vivienne Westwood Couture burgundy sequin strapless gown. I love her updo, big gold earrings, and smokey makeup too. You and Ben Affleck are so cute and both lucky to have the other to look at everyday!



A super adorable and whimsy Louis Vuitton dress. Her perfect retro waves complete this fun and daring look. I think she is friggin gorgeous. This probably didn’t please everyone but it totally worked for me.



This is definitely on the highest end of the spectrum as far as revealing skin, just on the cusp of inappropriate, but you can’t deny how gorgeous Katherine McPhee looks in her sexy Olivier Theyskens for Theory dress. I love black satin and it’s done to perfection here. I would trade places with her lookswise, anyday, but particularly here.  Looking forward to the return of Smash soon!



Tina’s red carpet dress didn’t rock my world but her look her for the opening monologue is totally dynamite. Yowzah! I think she keeps getting prettier and prettier! Her soft waves are so sophisticated. I love Amy but I’m surprised she went out in that dress to stand next to Tina in her’s.



I love this woman and I love her in this simple chic Michael Kors gown with an amazing cut-out. Kristen always likes to keep it simple but she doesn’t always look sleek or well put together. Here she totally does. And the easy, beachy waves fit her low-maintenance style. Lovely smokey brown make up too. Her and Will Ferrell’s presentation was hilarious, youtube it if you haven’t seen it.



Jennifer Lopez looked stunning presenting in this lace Zuhair Murad long-sleeve silk gown featuring an ivory embroidered lace overlay with beading detail. The gown doesn’t photograph from the front as well as it should, making it look like a 7 or 8 when you can tell it’s really a 10 in person. But it looked like a 10 during the broadcast and in this photo from the back. Gorgeous hair and makeup too.


In Betweenski’s:


Lea Michele is totally tiny and super cute and dresses really well. Her Elie Saab dress is very pretty, though not a standout for the night. But her crazy tan was distracting and looked terrible when she was presenting, where it looked like a bad fake tan. She probably actually got it lying on a beach somewhere tropical with Cory Monteith but still, it looked fake. It’s her job to think about how it will look on camera or in print. She overdid it.



She looks perfect, actually. Gorgeous Christian Dior gown, hair, makeup, jewelry. She nailed it. But she’s here with the middle people because, why was she even there? Seriously? I have zero respect for her as an actress. Zero.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

No Likey’s:


The print on Lucy Lui’s Carolina Herrara dress is pretty awful. It did make a great entrance when she walked on stage but I also think she’s stunning and timeless so I’m probably just bias. I’m a big fan of her looks, with those pretty freckles, and she normally hits it out of the park fashion-wise. I loved her fishtail braid too, but it doesnt really go with this dress. Overall though, this dress is pretty hideous and reviewers agreed.



I really like her, but is it just me or is Zooey Deschanel the most boring person in the world on the red carpet? She always wears pretty dresses like this Oscar de la Renta in the color of the night. But this dress, like her choices in the past, doesn’t do anything for me other than “hmmm, pretty.” Boring and blah.  And all I see is bangs, huge third grade bangs. Distracting and bad. New hair look needed stat!



Remember when Nicole Kidman was a red carpet queen? Another hit and a miss for Mrs. Urban in this Alexander McQueen, in a now long line of bizarre, off, dress choices. And her hair is not working for me either, I always preferred her as a redhead.



I didn’t even notice a dress, I just got stuck on this awful hair.

amy adams


Ugly. Donna Karan Atelier dress. The color doesn’t really work for her and I hate the square neckline in the front. Also, I read it gave her a wardrobe malfunction. Not into the hair either, her hair is so pretty and flowy, she shouldn’t pull it back so tight.



You can tell she really tries. This Zac Posen is a very pretty gown. But she always looks like a bulldog in a dress. She needs to figure out what looks flatter her the most, fit the cool-girl hair do and thing she has going on, and go from there. Maybe a cool tuxedo look or something else, something more trendy and unique, not a princess-y ball gown like she always picks. Clearly I’m just not digging this eggplant color either.


Thanks for reading xoxo

P.S. This was my 80th post!