He came in to the restaurant I’m working at last night with his wife, comedian Tom Papa and his wife on a double date. Matt and Tom were in The Informant together. Mr. Papa came in first and I thought to myself, “oh cool, an actor I recognize.” I went downstairs and heard another server say that she was sweating profusely. I asked why and she replied, “I’m waiting on Matt Damon!” I screamed and literally ran up the stairs!

"The Informant!" New York Premiere - Arrivals

They stayed for hours and the place is tiny, so I was up close and personal with this legendary star for hours, pouring his water and walking by him 50 times. He was an incredibly generous tipper, funny (when his fellow guests asked for their kale salads without pancetta, he asked for his “with all their pancetta.”), and totally down to earth. He looked like a normal guy in his glasses and hoodie. His wife, Luciana Barroso, was stunning and glamorous. He met her when she was a bartender, keep the dreams alive ladies!



Thank you for being your amazing talented self, a great guest, and adorable, smart, and cool. The whole world loves you Mr. Damon. And this is about as great a celeb sighting as one could dream of. He is as high up on the scale of huge movie star as one can get.

Sorry to everyone who was not working at the restaurant last night. But score for me!