Once in a while, I ask my wonderful boyfriend Craig to let me pick something out from Gilt, the website where he works. For those of you who may be living under a rock and have never heard of Gilt Groupe, Gilt is a website that has flash sales for clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, travel, food and beverages, etc, all for high end products. There is also a portion of the site called Gilt City, which is like Groupon for restaurants, spa packages, activities, also all high end, fancy places. A restaurant might decide they would never in a million years do a Groupon deal but they would do a Gilt City deal, because there is a certain status associated with the site.

Anyhoo, Craig gets a particular stipend to use for the site and he is super amazingly generous of sharing that with me when I ask or as gifts. I have been having a rough month so I thought a lil Gilt pick-me-up would be nice.

I am torn between these two things: 1) this adorable white eyelet romper from 6 Shore Road, a super cute affordable clothing line (especially affordable in this Gilt sale) or 2) this gorgeous blue stone ring from David Aubrey, a jewelry line I love and have purchased from Gilt before.


Which would you get?

6 Shore Road Picnic Cotton Eyelet Romper on Gilt

David Aubrey Gold & Blue Stretch Ring on Gilt

David Aubrey Gilt jewelry sale

6 Shore Road Gilt clothing sale

David Aubrey website

6 Shore Road website