Your nail polish sucks, Emma Stone.

I bought Revlon’s new nail polish duo, Moon Candy (top color in the ad photo above). I thought it looked really cute and unique. And at work, my hands are in people’s faces all day long so I like to have nice/cute nails.


I bought the color Orbit, which is a dark purple on one end and on the other, a light purple based translucent color with jagged, rock shaped sparkly pieces.

I really liked the way it looked in the ads and when I first put it on. Pretty, sparkly, fun. Not quite as cool as I expected because, between these raggedy shaped sparkles and my big circles sparkle nail polish from Sephora, I much prefer the circle shape. But cute enough for a few days. However, I’m still thinking that $10.99 is a lot for nail polish.

I went to the gym, then showered, probably about 3 hours after the time I painted them. After the shower, my nails were a mess. Chipped and smushed together. Totally fd up. I did not put a layer of top coat on top of the sparkles, but the sparkly color is normally acting like a top coat. BAD QUALITY.

I returned and got my $10.99 back, which I actually spent on another product.

CVS “Cleaning & Makeup Remover Towelettes” and “Nighttime Cleaning Towelettes” Day & Night Combo Pack.

photo (36)makeup1makeup2

I get home really late from work. Sometimes 1 am. This happens to fit my night owl ways perfectly, just I have become really lazy when it comes to washing my face. Or using my eye makeup removal cleanser with cotton balls/swabs. Based on the products I was using, a combo of both face wash and eye makeup remover was necessary for a clean, bare face. Both of these towelettes completely remove all makeup from my face, including all my hard-to-remove eye makeup. I am blown away! One towelette is all you need to completely clean your face. And could not be easier. Most of the time I am now removing my makeup in bed, and these couldn’t be more easy and perfect for that!

Buy this. Only $9 and change for 30 of each type, 60 total, at CVS Pharmacys.