Max meets Mindy!

For those of you who, like me, enjoyed the sitcom Happy Endings, you will be excited to hear that Max, played by the adorable Adam Pally, will be joining the cast of The Mindy Project! Happy Endings had a much-loved short run on ABC that ended with its cancellation in May, despite critical acclaim and a cult following. The show was another one of the many cute sitcoms that following the “Friends” formula of a group of friends, having fun, and exchanging witty banter, and in Happy Endings’s case, making many, many pop culture references. Maybe almost too many.

Pally starred as schlubby, anti-gay gay guy Max, always up to mischief and getting into schemes. Pally will be the perfect addition to “The Mindy Project,” one of my favorite new shows from the last year. Mindy Kaling is hilarious, dropping brilliant one-liners left and right. I’m a huge fan of hers in general and this show is the perfect showcase for her. The supporting cast is excellent too, my favorite being Ike Barinholtz who plays her goofy, so-dumb-he’s-actually-smart, nurse side-kick Morgan. Pally will be playing a new doctor at the OB-GYN practice where most of the show takes place. If you haven’t been watching The Mindy Project, catch up on Hulu this summer and tune in when the show returns to FOX for season 2.

mindy and morgan

In other “Happy Endings” casting news, the amazing rubber-faced Damon Wayans, Jr., who was definitely a standout on “Endings,” will return to “New Girl” for multiple episodes. That’s right, “return.” Pop culture trivia alert: Wayans was in the very first episode of “New Girl” but then took off because of Happy Endings getting picked up! He was replaced in the second episode by Lamorne Morris, who plays Winston. The story goes that Coach moved out and Winston moved in. I can sense a funny rivalry/competition between the two characters once Coach returns.


I for one am looking forward to these exciting new castings of great stars on great shows. All three of these sitcoms featured great casts playing buddies who hang, banter, and grow together. Sadly, fans did have to say goodbye to the Chicago “Endings” gang. Luckily, there are so many good comedies on TV today, and “Mindy” and “New Girl” star great comedic actors who make me laugh out loud consistently every week. Now we can see the “Endings” stars we love bring us the funny in their new surroundings. Welcome to your new tv homes, Max/Adam and Brad/Damon!

RIP “Happy Endings” but your stars are moving on, full steam ahead!