So yesterday I did something while getting dressed that I don’t do as often as I should: I mixed together two different patterns. And damn did it look good.

photo (54)

The trick to mixing prints is simple: pick two that look great together. But seriously, there are a few tricks to follow. This first isn’t mandatory, but stick with TWO PRINTS AT A TIME. Otherwise, you are definitely risking going from cool and fashionable to “did she forget her meds while getting dressed today?” (Unless you’re Beyonce, see below). Here I used similar color schemes, which is definitely one way to go, but there are tons of examples where the prints share only one color that ties the prints together. But definitely GO WITH THE SAME COLOR FAMILY in some way.

Another trick I utilized here, PAY ATTENTION TO SIZE. The prints should be differing in size. The cardigan’s leopard print is more spaced out and scarce while my new Banana Republic tank’s pattern is smaller and busier. Go with a larger print paired with a smaller one, and/or thick print paired with thin.

Another tip: See the solid gray bowed belt I’m wearing? I’m also wearing solid gray pants. ADD A SOLID PIECE. You can add an accessory, like a thick belt, solid but bold colored shoe, scarf, or statement necklace. Or a clothing item like a solid t-shirt worn with printed pants and a printer blazer, a solid sweater over a printed top and skirt/pants, or solid pants worn with a printed top and cardigan. This solid item will anchor the whole look together.

And BE CONFIDENT while you wear this fashion-forward, attention-grabbing look. You look stylish, cool, and bold! I’m going to take my own advice and rock out this look more often.

Here are some amazing looks to inspire your pattern mixing. Solange is apparently the Print Mixing Queen, I realized as I compiled these looks. If you need any more assistance, just google-image her adorable self. Extra style points if you have a similar fierce afro to go with.