I guess not all relationships are as strong as Anna and Stephen’s.

FILE: Actress Rutina Wesley Files For Divorce

Rutina Wesley, who stars at human-turned-vampire-newbie Tara on one of my all-time favorite shows True Blood, is divorcing her husband of eight years. Wesley filed for the split from actor Jacob Fishel on August 16, after being separated since July. The two met while studying at Julliard and were married when they graduated in June 2005. The reasoning for the divorce is the old classic “irreconcilable differences.” This is a shame, they were a beautiful interracial couple. I’m sure Rutina won’t be single for long, if Tara’s very active bi-sexual-sex-life is any indication.

How much did we all love this season of True Blood, which aired its finale this past Sunday night?! The story line was thrilling and less convoluted than last season, which is really saying something because this season was still pretty jam-packed. Overly brief synopsis: Bill had vampire Godlike qualities (I won’t say why in case you are seasons behind), while other vampires were held captive, studied, and tortured in a prison camp, led by a Supe-hating government official (“Supe” is short for supernatural beings, and is the all-encompasing name for the show’s shape-shifters, vamps, werewolfs, faes, etc). Sookie also met a mysterious new man who had his own powers that had the ability to help vampire-kind.


The gory special effects were campy and fun while also frightening at times. The scene where Bill was possessed and sucked the life out of the blood doner was incredibly scary and straight out of a horror movie. For those of you who prefer your movies and tv to not be horror-filled,  the show is not frightening normally, this was a particularly awesomely scary scene. It’s more cartoony, fun gore that most people can handle. The leading men of Eric and Bill were stand outs in season 6, which I guess is no different than any other season. It’s amazing how each season has you rooting for and standing by different characters. Bill continued to be a bad bad vampire and I continued to have to miss the romantic, loving Bill. A few years ago I never would have said that I love Eric and root for him but this season, I did, also something that carried over from Season 5. Both actors did phenomenal jobs and I love them both.



There were more story lines than I could even begin to mention but this season’s mixture of tenderness (RIP to a well-loved character), action, violence, and twists and turns had me loving this show more than ever! This was the first season that existed without showrunner and developer Alan Ball and the new creative heads should definitely be proud of what they accomplished. Heads and fangs better than last season.

I never want True Blood seasons to end. Tears (of blood) are no doubt being shed all over. Thanks for an incredible season. Til next year!