Every few months, a song comes along that I am totally infatuated with, one of those songs that you listen to over and over again and are excited to hear every time. In the last month, the song I can’t get enough of is Lady Gaga‘s “Do What You Want” featuring R. Kelly, from her new #1 album, Artpop. I love the album’s first single “Applause” and now heart the album’s second single even more. The song rules. It’s catchy, sexy, and a blast to sing along to. I first saw Lady Gaga and R. Kelly perform it on SNL and my feelings for the song have grown exponentially since, listening to it regularly on Spotify and watching the live performance of it from Gaga’s “Vevo Presents” concert. Gaga is an incredible performer, with an amazing voice and killer dance moves. Love her!!


Unless you are living under a rock, you know that The Voice Season 5 Finale was last night and that it was awesome. Not only did the person I was rooting to win win (Tessanne Chin, who is incredible), but Gaga and Voice judge Christina Aguilera performed a show-stopping duet of “Do What You Want” that rocked everyone’s world. I have always been an enormous fan of Christina’s and consider Stripped to be in my Top 5 favorite albums of all time, with Back to Basics not far behind.


Last night, MC Carson Daly announced Lady Gaga’s performance, introducing the superstar as “a five-time Grammy winner and one of the most influential voices in music.” Then the world got an incredible surprise when Ms. Aguilera joined her onstage, coming out from beneath a giant silver shell at the beginning of the second verse. The ladies looked amazing in matching shiny ensembles and it was truly a mind-blowing performance. Aguilera looked chic and gorgeous in an American Hustle-inspired, 70s- fabulous hair do and showing off her fabulous, slimmed down bod.

The two powerhouse vocals complemented each other impeccably and helped showcase each other’s amazing talents. There’s also a great part where it’s just the ladies singing and some killer drum beats, followed by them singing while holding hands. They then sit down on a chaise lounge and are served champagne by a handsome waiter. It was so cool how they sang while holding the champagne glasses, chugged with their arms entwined when they finished singing, and then smashed the glasses on the stage. So fierce. It was also cool how Christina talked so complementary about Gaga after the performance, describing her as a down-to-earth, fantastic person. Apparently, this was the first time the two had met and it appeared to be a fast friendship.

Christina and Gaga stole the show with their duet and the crowd and audiences at home went wild. But let’s talk about winner Tessanne Chin (Team Adam) for a second. I didn’t watch The Voice loyally but what I did see of Tessanne, she blew me away (Katy Perry‘s “Unconditionally,” the Whitney Houson classic “I Have Nothing”).

The runner-up, Jacquie Lee (Team Christina), was excellent too, but there’s was something missing in her voice for me – a soulful, weathered quality that can only be due to the fact that she is so young. I noticed it mostly in her rendition of “And I am Telling You.” She hit all the right notes, but it didn’t hit me the way it would have had Tessanne sang it. But Jacquie did a phenomenal job, don’t get me wrong. I’m guessing Ms. Lee will have a nice, successful career ahead of her.

When I compared the two voices, Tessanne’s voice definitely had more soul, that special sound that I am drawn to most.  I look forward to seeing what her career holds and enjoyed her performance last night of her first single, “Tumbling Down,” written by OneRepublic founder and lead singer Ryan Tedder, who is the in-house songwriter-producer for The Voice.

I am looking forward to being a die-hard viewer when The Voice Season 6 begins Feb. 24 at 8 pm on N.B.C.  Season 6’s judges will feature Usher and Shakira rejoining present coaches, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.