I had high hopes for this year’s Golden Globes ceremony. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are two of the funniest people living and did a phenomenal job with last year’s show and they look gorgeous doing it to boot. I’ve always held the Globes in very high esteem because of its combination of both television and movies. And because funny snafus and drunken shenanigans tend to ensue during the ceremony. Well, unfortunately for us all, the Globes took a quick turn into Dullsville for me as soon as the ladies’ funny opening monologue ended. Presenter after presenter read monotonously their monitor scripts with barely a smile. Ad-libbing was almost completely nonexistent. When the monitors were screwed up for Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie, they acted as though they had no idea what award they were up there presenting for. She literally could not even announce the category without it. HUH??

The Globes has always been known to be a racous party night for the attendees. But it is at a point now where it feels almost disrespectful to the viewers. Chatty revelers speak over the presenters and there is literally no thrilling or engaging anything for us watching at home. The only clips we got to see were those for Best Movie and we didn’t even get to see a quick photo of the nominees as their characters when their names were announced. The show made me appreciate how the Oscars and the Emmys have all kinds of great video clips and montages and things that ENTERTAIN US. This show? SNOOZE. Yes, the fact that they conjoin TV and movies means more awards and less time for fun. But some fun entertainment is still required. There were a few bits and some stellar one-liners sporadically throughout the televised event but overall I found my mind drifting and wondering what else we should put on the boob tube.

And could the zig zag design of the tables have been any more difficult for the winners? As much as we love our celebs, watching them and others we don’t recognize meander around a room is pretty boring.

The Globes seems like it’s one big inside joke for celebrities, a fabulous insider party, which of course it is. But I never remember it feeling so much like the viewers were on the Do Not Enter list, standing behind the velvet rope looking in at the fab party through the windows. As much as you might think it would be fun to see your favorite celebrities tipsy or talking to each other, it’s actually not. At least when that is literally all you have to watch for hours. Cate Blanchett, who is elegant and talented, also came off looking like a snob when she asked “Do they hear the music at home or just hear us speeding up?” regarding whether us regular folkies at home can hear the music asking the winners to finish up their speeches. You’ve never once watched an award show you weren’t attending?

Well, unfortunately for us, Cate, we did hear the music back home in our one-bedroom apartments. And everything else that happened in what was officially the most boring awards show I ever watched. Or turned off to binge watch more Breaking Bad episodes.

But let me focus now on the one aspect of the show that I will always enjoy. The fashion.


Amy Adams

Amy Adams was my favorite look of the night. She looked stunning in this red Valentino that was absolutely inspired by her deep-V-wearing American Hustle character. I love that she gave an ode in her fashion choice to her character’s style, as I think she looks the best she’s ever looked in Hustle. Because of her genteel bust, she absolutely could get away with this look on the red carpet and still look polished and refined, whereas Sofia Vergara looks triple-X rated in everything (see below) and would be sent home for wearing a look like this. Adams’ pretty braided updo was lovely as well. She also put on this fantastic matching jacket for the ceremony. Congrats on her win for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical.

NBC's "71st Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Red Carpet Arrivals

Lupita Nyong’o


This nominee for Best Supporting movie actress for 12 Years a Slave has quickly become a red carpet rockstar with striking and bold choices that highlight her stunning features and gorgeous, rich skin color. Nyong’o looks incredible in this caped Ralph Lauren, following in the footsteps of Gwyneth Paltow‘s caped Tom Ford white stunner at the 2012 Oscar’s.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler


The show’s hosts looked amazing both on the red carpet and throughout the show. Tina wore Carolina Herrera all night, shining in her reversible red carpet floral dress and opening monologue stunning gown. Amy looked slim and sexy in her Stella McCartney red carpet and monologue dresses. Congrats on her win for Best Actress in TV Comedy.


Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

Sandra looked beautiful in her pink-blue-black satin gown designed by Prabal Gurung from the pre-fall 2014 collection. The Best Actress in a Movie Drama nominee is one of my favorite actresses and has been having a very glamorous, well-dressed year. However, I personally wish she’d put on 5 pounds. Her chest bones are protruding past my personal taste and this is the skinniest we’ve seen her. You can’t really tell in this photo but you could tell while she was walking around and presenting.

Margot Robbie


Not a great presenter, but last night the Wolf of Wall Street star was a knock-out dresser in this Gucci dress with brilliant crystal embellishments. Her sleek bun and natural-looking makeup were gorgeous too and showed off her natural beauty.

Naomi Watts


Ms. Watts looked lovely in this beautiful metallic Tom Ford. I recently saw her in person when she dined in my restaurant and she was a cutie pie that day in baggy boyfriend jeans and a messy bun. However, she was a miniature person, very, very scrawny as you would imagine.  But she is aging beautifully and gracefully.

Cate Blanchett


Despite what I wrote above, the lady can dress. She is elegant and effortlessly chic in this black lace Armani Prive. I love lace and the high neckline is the kind of modern and interesting detail we’ve come to expect from her red carpet choices. The low-cut back is beautiful as well. I have yet to see Blue Jasmine but am dying to to see her Best Actress in a Drama movie-winning performance.


In Need of Some Assistance

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting


The newlywed looks very pretty in her Rani Zakhem Couture gown but I think it’s too far down on her frame. If it was pulled up another inch or so it would look much more polished.  I liked her fierce matching green makeup but some more texture in her hair would have been better, something like pretty side-swept Hollywood waves.

Julianna Margulies


Margulies is normally one of the go-to hot messes on the red carpet, so this look is a huge improvement. Her Andrew Gn gown has a gorgeous shape and her earrings, hair, and makeup look great. I would just remove or change the coral-shaped detail. Other kinds of swirls or something would be more refined compared to this fish-tank, ocean inspired detailing.

Sofia Vergara


I think this Best Supporting TV Actress nominee is beyond gorgeous, as anyone with a pulse does. I love her turquoise necklace and the Zac Posen dress is very pretty, I would have just shaved off a foot or two along the bottom. It goes out way to wide around her in my opinion. You can also not tell in this picture but her bosoms were out of control, which I’m sure she can not help but for once can she try to put those puppies away? Her hair and makeup were perfect though.

Drew Barrymore


I love her and she can do no wrong in my book. But this Monique Lhuillier dress is getting crazy mixed results. She can get away with it but is it great or cool? No. But the colors looked nice with her matching lipstick and her hair was pretty. I also like the asymmetrical hemline. But I’m also prejudiced to Lhuillier right now after wearing one of her dresses as a Maid of Honor this past Saturday (we could pick our own dresses!).


Hayden Panettiere


Nashville is one of my favorite shows and Hayden always looks amazing in character. Her body is rocking and she’s super talented in the show. Unfortunately, nothing is right with this ensemble. The black and white Tom Ford dress hides her assets and her slicked back hair is not good at all. What a waste of a great fashion moment for this Best Supporting TV Actress nominee.

Uma Thurman


This look is cheesy. The prom hair and the matching Versace prom dress do not seem age appropriate, elegant, or on trend. The mix-matching material/textures does not work for me either.

Zoe Saldana


This Prabal Gurung is too weird for this event. It looks too messy and complicated.

Emma Stone

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show

Huh? No walking the red carpet and then this Chanel get up? And yes, she’s one of America’s darlings but why was she picked to present for Woody Allen? She worked with him once (in a movie I never heard of yet) but that annoys me for some reason.

There were of course other fashion moments to be discussed (i.e. Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington) but these were the ones that I was still really thinking about when I woke up today. Here’s to hoping the Oscar’s are much more entertaining and exciting!