I have been on an awards season movie streak in the last week, watching Enough Said, Her, American Hustle, and The Wolf of Wall Street within seven or eight days. I already discussed my voice crush on Scarlett Johannson in Her but there was no visual stimuli to go along with it. However, Amy Adams and Margot Robbie are incredible, gorgeous, smoke shows in their respective movies.

Adams rocks her 1978 style with voluminous hair and cut down-to-her-belly-button dresses and silk blouses and she looks the best she’s ever looked doing it. I love director David O. Russell‘s decision to have Adams dye her hair a little darker to add some extra fiery redhead oomph.


Costume designer Michael Wilkinson told The Daily Beast what it took to make Adam’s character Sydner Prosser come alive. “She has about 40 costumes in the film and they chart this amazing journey she goes through. She ends up in this very high end, iconic late ‘70s New York fashion. She picks out Diane von Furstenberg dresses and starts really enjoying this new silhouette, this new freedom. We worked with Halston and were given access to their archive and found several pieces that really helped set the tone for Sydney. Halston, out of all the designers, really encapsulates that new American silhouette that was evolving in the second half of the ‘70s. She wears an amazing original Halston leather dress in one scene, and a couple of silk blouses and outerwear. We also partnered with Gucci who helped supply some accessories: handbags, jewelry, and shoes.”


Evenlyn Noraz, the department head of makeup for Hustle told the New York Times, “I’ve really noticed the ’70s coming back in makeup in general. It was easy for me to just walk in the store and pick up items whose colors worked for the time.” She chose Lancôme’s eye-shadow palettes and Hourglass lip colors while making up Adams.

Margot Robbie gorgeously fits the excess of The Wolf of Wall Street‘s late 80s, early 90s time period with her big hair and jewelry, bright, tight clothes (i.e. bandage dresses) and gigantic heels, playing dress up in the most expensive outfits her hubby’s tons of money can buy. She’s a Brooklyn girl who he nicknames “The Duchess of Bay Ridge” and she uses her sense of style and flair for hair and makeup matched with his excessive wealth to perfectly bring that vision to life. Even her underwear and nighties are enchanting, no surprise though as her character designs undergarments and lingerie “at night.”


Wolf Costume Designer Sandy Powell told Stylist.com, “Margot is of course a dream to dress, it would have been hard for her not to look stunning! My favorite outfit however must me the head to toe Versace look we put together for the scene where she walks in on the gay orgy. I wanted her to display her wealth in an obvious way which although is over the top is not vulgar.” I remember easily that outfit, with Robbie dripping in the recognizable iconic 90’s Versace look (think opulence or outrageousness – sequins, safety pins, leather) with her high lace up boots.

It’s not just their killer bodies and beautiful faces, sex appeal, and amazing styles that get Sydner and Naomi their movie men. Both ladies were fierce, take-no-nonsense, fiery, tough cookie women who were so confident they would have looked gorgeous wearing paper sacks. Let’s take a look at these total knockouts while in character and avoid looking at ourselves in the mirror for a little while afterwards.




Stunning, ladies!