Are you a Gleek? I certainly am. I’ve watched every Glee episode ever and if you are, you know too that some episodes and seasons have been better than others. You also know that there are some musical moments in the show that are beyond superb, that leave you speechless and give you chills. Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes, the solo artist who recently moved from L.A. to join the gang in New York City, gave us one of those magical musical moments this past Thursday.

It’s definitely not a first that a Mercedes song would be the highlight of an episode. Riley’s voice is like a gift from the gods. But what made this scene even more special than usual was that, when Riley was performing “Colorblind,” she was actually singing her first song as a real life solo artist. “Colorblind: is Riley’s first single and it was amazing that the show’s creative director Ryan Murphy gave her the platform to perform it on Glee.

The song fit perfectly into the storyline, causing me to wonder if it was penned with the show’s plot in mind or if the show crafted her story to fit the song. “Colorblind” tells the story of a woman who is feeling so skewed and confused over a guy that it’s as though she can’t see color anymore, only thinking and seeing in black and white. The lyrics and the rhymes are really beautiful and the melody is too. Riley could sing the alphabet and it would be extraordinary, so this has all the elements to be a hit song. Especially since is was written by hit singer/songwritters Emeli Sandé, Claude Kelly, and Steve Mac

Prior to the episode airing, Riley premiered the song live on April 3, 2014 on The Queen Latifah Show. “Colorblind” was released as a digital download on April 8.

We Gleeks are so, so glad Mercedes is back on the show full time! Here are some of my other favorite Mercedes/Amber Riley moments from seasons gone by, because I know you must be craving more right now! As you’ll see, when there is a who-could-possibly-handle-it super famous power ballad, it’s all Mercedes.

Who else is going to sing the unforgettable solo part in Rent‘s “Seasons of Love”??

The amazing Adele mash-up of “Rumour Has It” and “Someone Like You,” starring Mercedes and Santana, a ridiculously awesome combo.

From way back years ago, “Hate on Me” by Jill Scott. This was sung in the seventh episode of Season One, and was the first song that made me first think, “Holy crap, I love her!”

Here’s the full song:

Mercedes’ tribute to Finn, “I’ll Stand By You,” by the Pretenders.

Who else could dare sing Whitney‘s “I Will Always Love You.” I have chills watching. And yay! Samcedes is back! (Sam and Mercedes got back together on last week’s episode).

Gooosebumps again! Dreamgirls‘ “And I Am Telling You,” also from Season One (Episode 13).

Another fantastic Rent song, this time a duet with Rachel (Lea Michele) – “Take Me or Leave Me”

One last one, because of course Mercedes can even take names singing Mariah Carey – “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

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