Italy: Meg Ryan attends a photocall at the Film Festival in Taormina

After years away from the camera, Meg Ryan was cast in her first role in years in the upcoming sitcom, How I Met Your Dad. The 90′s rom-com star will play the narrator for the CBS series. The show stars Greta Gerwig as Sally, the lead role, in this spin-off of How I Met Your Mother. I am also super psyched that Workaholics and The Mindy Project‘s cute funny man Anders Holm is cast in a starring role as well. The CBS hit series HIMYM recently aired it’s finale on March 31. Bob Saget voiced the father detailing, just so, how he met the “mother’ on the show.



Ryan will play Gerwig’s Sally as an older adult, discussing with her children how she met the titular father figure. This is huge casting news for Ryan, as it has been years since she had a big role. The You’ve Got Mail actress has been focusing on parenting her adopted daughter, Daisy, age 9. The girlfriend of John Cougar Mellencamp appeared on several 2013 episode of Web Therapy, starring Lisa Kudrow. Ryan’s last feature film was 2009′s Serious Moonlight.

Have you missed Meg Ryan? Probably not much, but it is nice to see her back in the industry, and she does have a nice voice. I can easily picture her walking the viewer through the story’s narrative with a cool, calm confidence.

How I Met Your Father leads CBS’s fall line-up for sitcoms, as the anticipation is high and the audience is basically built-in. Here’s hoping the show is as good as it’s predecessor!

On a related note, WTF happened to her face? Meg, seriously? You can’t think this looks good. Why do beautiful women do this? She was cute and all-natural looking, and now she looks like a demented fish. Thank goodness she will only narrate, because I get enough of this shit looking at the once-beautiful and cute Courtney Cox on Cougar Town. LADIES, ENOUGH!!! This is not what God or any sane medical professional intended!

Celebrities At The Lancia Cafe - Day 6 - Taormina Filmfest 2013