The new music video for “Love Never Felt So Good,” Michael Jackson’s first single off his recently released posthumous record Xscape, features Justin Timberlake and honors MJ through and through. The video debuted on Wednesday morning and is a visual tribute to the late pop singer’s lasting legacy on future generations. The video features JT and a slew of dancers busting out MJ’s famous dance moves. The dancers also lip-synch close-up to the camera, paying tribute to Michael’s famous 1991 “Black and White” video.

The music video also features archival footage of Jackson’s many music videos, including “Beat It,” “Bad,” “Black or White,” “You Rock My World” and others. There’s even a quick shot of the singer as a child while in the Jackson 5. All of the footage is mixed among frames of Timberlake and a crowd of young dancers, , including children, who are singing along and attempting Michael’s most memorable moves. They dance on top of subway turnstiles a la “Bad” and pool tables like in “Beat It.” The video reminds you of all of the King of Pop’s amazing music moments and unfortunately leaves you missing him even more.


The track debuted earlier this month at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and has a retro sound, sounding like something from Michael’s first solo album A total disco throwback, “Love Never Felt So Good” gives JT a chance to duet with one of his idols. Timberlake also uses synths and has disco-sounding elements to his music, making this song a perfect fit for both artists.


“Love Never Felt So Good,” has received mixed criticism but has already landed on the Billboard Hot 100 after only three full days worth of tracking. Co-written with Paul Anka in 1983, the new track was produced by John McClain, co-executor of the Jackson estate.

The song is also already featured in some Jeep commercials.

Michael is one of my all time favorite artists with his songs up there among my all time favorite songs EVER. I am thrilled we have some new music of his to discover, as I still listen to his tunes constantly.

Watch the video here:

Everyone knows MJ’s songs, but here are two of my favorites that you might not know. They are both off HIStory’s second disc that featured new material.