Maya Rudolph is a comedy legend. She is one of the funniest woman in the history of funny woman, helping lead Saturday Night Live during her celebrated seven-year run on the show from 2000 to 2007. She has also had a slew of movie roles, including starring in arguably one of the best comedies flicks EVER, Bridesmaids.

Some of Rudolph’s most exalted SNL impersonations include Donatella Versace, Liza Minnelli, Oprah, Whitney Houston, and Beyonce. Luckily for us, the actress has never strayed too far from 30 Rock to guest star in a great cameo skit. This past Saturday, the mother of four decided to stop by SNL and revisit playing the superstar “Drunk in Love singer.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you heard that Beyonce’s husband, rapper Jay Z, and her younger sister, Solange Knowles, got into a now-infamous fight following the Met Gala on May 5. Solange physically attacked Jay Z after exchanging heated words while in an elevator at NYC’s Standard Hotel.

On Saturday’s SNL opening skit, cast members Jay Pharaoh and Sasheer Zamata played Jay Z and Solange. They humorously discussed the incident, blaming a spider for the physical attack. Half way through the sketch, Rudolph surprised fans and viewers by coming out as Beyonce. Her monologue included famous Beyonce songs lyrics and singing scattered throughout, performed in Rudolph’s typical hysterical fashion.

On Monday, May 19, fans of Rudolph’s and good comedy everywhere should sit themselves in front of the TV for her first ever comedy special. The Maya Rudolph Show will be a variety show co-starring Rudolph’s comedy friends Andy Samburg, Fred Arnison, Chris Parnell, Craig Robinson, Kristen Bell, and Sean Hayes. Singer Janelle Monae performs. As of now, it is a one-time event but depending on the (likely) success of the program, it could be picked up for a season.


Rudolph, 41, got to pick some of her besties to perform alongside of her, including Arnison. “I can’t imagine doing it without Fred. That was, like, rule number one. Get Fred. Okay, now we’re doing a show,” Rudolph told Entertainment Weekly. “In the same way I fell in love with the original cast of SNL – they looked like a group of friends I wanted to hang out with – in the same way I saw Carol [Burnett], Tim Conway, and Harvey Korman f—ing cracking each other up, I’m with people that I love who make me laugh like nobody else. There’s nothing that translates more genuinely than that.”

Rudolph worked with a team of writers to create the special’s skits after deciding it was the perfect next opportunity for her. “The thing about me is that I don’t have a lot of moves. Like, this is my move,” Rudolph told EWIt just kind of was the right time to do the only thing I know how to do. I wasn’t stroking a hairless cat, like ‘I know what I’ll do next!’ ”

The Maya Rudolph Show airs Monday, May 19 on 10 pm on NBC. I for one, cannot wait to watch it. I love her, and all the other comedians on the show, and expect it to be a crazy funny night. Super psyched!