The cast of the upcoming movie adaptation of Angry Birds has been released and it is jam-packed with hilarious comedians. The film based on Rovio’s megapopular video game is already underway and apparently an awesomely huge percentage of funny people in Hollywood wanted to partake. Starring in the animated film are big-name celebs Maya Rudolph, Jason Sudeikis, and Peter Dinklage, who will have starring voice-over roles. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; the Saturday Night Live alums and the beloved star of Game of Thrones are just three of the star-studded array of people lending their voices to the Sony Pictures project.

This rest of the casting list reads like top ten list of hip, hilarious comedians. Let’s take a nice long look at the rest of the exceptional list.

SNL vet and movie star Bill Hader

To me, he is already a beloved comedian and has been acting in feature films for years in addition to making us laugh ’til we cried on SNL. He left a huge wake in his path after leaving SNL this past year but made the right decision, as he is now a movie star. His recent dramedy The Skeleton Twins stars him and Kristen Wiig and looks like an interesting, bittersweet story about family.

Current SNL Leading Lady Kate McKinnon

She joined the Saturday night skit show in 2012 and quickly became a new fan favorite. She is a staple to the show for a few seasons now. I somehow missed this skit with Charlize Theron but laughed my ass off, especially if you love cats!

Movie and Musical Star Josh Gad 

Gad got his first big break starring in the original cast of Broadway’s hit The Book of Mormon. He has had several interesting movie roles, including in Thanks for Sharing and Jobs (he played Steve Wozniak). Gad’s biggest movie was the new cartoon classic, Frozen, in which he voiced the lovable snowman, Olaf.

Comedy Pro Danny McBride

The Eastbound & Down star has been in countless funny projects, including This is the End, HBO’s Clear History, 30 Minutes or Less, Tropic Thunder, and (personal favorite) Pineapple Express. 

The Mindy Project‘s Ike Barinholtz 

Barinholtz is best known for his role as viewer favorite Morgan Tookers and steals scenes constantly. Nurse Morgan has the best one-liners next to Mindy herself. He is impressively also one of the show’s main writers and producers.

Orange Is the New Black‘s Danielle Brooks 

Brook’s plays the show’s beloved funny girl Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson. This past season delved deep into Taystee’s back story, allowing the actress to show off her dramatic range as well. But fans favorite scenes are when Taystee and best pal Poussey get together and hilariously steal the show

Workaholics‘ stand-out comedienne Jillian Bell

Comedy Central’s super funny show is filled with boys but Bell holds her own as one of the show’s only females. Bell has also been in Eastbound & Down and 22 Jump Street and will be in the upcoming film Inherent Vice starring Joaquin Phoenix.

Broad City‘s Hannibal Buress

Buress is hysterically funny on the one-season old Comedy Central show about two best pals in NYC (he plays one of their boyfriends/hook-ups). If you haven’t watched it yet, catch up on the first season. You will binge watch the half hour episodes, I can promise you that; I love, loved it. He is a very established stand-up comedian also.  I just discovered his bit on New Orleans, one of my favorite places ever. So funny and all so true!

And yep, there’s still more comedians to go!

Veep’s Emmy-Winning Star Tony Hale 

Hale became a household face from Arrested Development (if you watched it), but has truly blown up with his award-winning role in the Julia Louis-Dreyfus prime time hit. He also stole the show when she won one of her Emmys for playing Selina Meyer and accepted with Hale onstage with her, as he played perfectly his character from the show, her right-hand man Gary Walsh.

Key and Peele’s Keegan-Michael Key

Key is becoming bigger and bigger constantly and has had tons of roles in all kinds of thing. My personal favorite is his role as Mark in the USA show Playing House. The fourth season of Key and Peele just started a few weeks ago. I’m not that familiar with the show so here is the most popular video on YouTube. In the skit, Key is Gary, the gay man.

Overall, this cast is AMAZING!

If you are A) a fan of comedy, B) a fan of laughing in general, or C) have a pulse, then just reading through this list is enough to make your heart race. Can I preorder tickets already? And if this movie is anything like this past winter’s PHENOMENAL comedy The Lego Movie, I am doing cartwheels already. The Lego Movie was not only one of the most creative and funniest animated movies ever made but one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen in general. And I have seen a lot of movies. See, I’m so excited about this I’m going off on a tangent….

Everyone familiar with today’s comedic talents agree with you, Mr. Cohen. More encouraging news? Cohen has chosen Jon Vitti to pen the screenplay for Angry Birds. Vitti has written for The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and The Office, to name a few.

The Angry Birds movie plans to fly into theaters in 2016.

(All videos courtesy of YouTube).