Long-term relationships and marriages are hard work. Keeping things spicy, being spontaneous, and balancing all of life’s ups and downs with one person can be a challenge, to say the least. Multiply all this with what comes along with being famous seems to make keeping a strong relationship near impossible for celebrities. Celeb marriages come and go as fast as the news cycle, with some appearing to turn marriage into a headline or publicity stunt as opposed to a lifelong decision (that one’s for you JLo. Thanks for toning down the marriages a bit in the last few years).

Being rich and famous definitely has its perks but no one wants to be photographed fighting in the street with their partner or having anyone with a computer see those naked photos you send to your special someone. Traveling and being stationed all over the world for months at a time are also a huge part of the celebrity experience. This could cause a rift in even the strongest relationships. And what about those hot and heavy scenes with costars? It’s enough to test even the very best couples who are truly and deeply in love.

2014 has been a big one for Hollywood marriages – Brad Pitt and Angelina, Adam Levine, Jodie Foster, Gabrielle Union, Kaley Cuoco, Jessica Simpson, Neil Patrick Harris, Kanye West and even George Clooney – the ultimate bachelor. Which begs the question, is marriage the new black?  Is the hottest new accessory in Hollywood a spouse?

Hot2Molly spoke with Dana Michel, the founder of, a new relationship site that caters to busy marriage-minded singles. Michel is a bonafide dating and celebrity relationship expert and spoke with us about her thoughts on famous couples and relationships in general.

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1) Who are three of your favorite current celebrity couples?

DM: Jada and Will Smith,  Brad Pitt and Angelina, and Amal and George Clooney.  Jada co- parented her stepson with Will’s ex wife. They seem to  have a solid marriage that involves raising kids, producing movies, acting and helping their kids fulfill their artistic dreams. Brad and Angelina have a higher purpose than themselves which bodes well for a long lasting and happy relationship. Their lives revolve around the kids, artistic endeavors and philanthropy. Lastly, George Clooney said he would never get married. Then he met Amal and everything changed! She is marriage material. They have a good chance of working out because they are both committed to helping the impoverished live better lives. She is a human rights lawyer and he has used his celebrity status to shed light on the less fortunate. The great thing here is that each was committed individually to human rights so it’s not one person adopting a point of view or passion because they want to impress a mate. It is authentically their calling.


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George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin To Get Married In Venice

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2) Is there a classic couple you think set the bar high as far as celebrity marriages?

DM: Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman because they have always had patience for one another and have respected eachother with great affection for each others work. Woodward and Newman epitomized Hollywood glamour; however, they seemed to keep fame in perspective. They lived a full and robust  life in Connecticut with friends, family and giving back to the less fortunate. They created Paul Newman food products for charity and a summer camp for underprivileged kids. Their marriage lasted over 30 years – free of an scandal.  It appeared  to be happy and a true partnership.

Newman And Woodward

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3) What’s your opinion on very long term celebrity relationships that haven’t led to marriage?

DM: Couples such as Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel are committed which is the most important thing. It is important to find out what works best for your unit .

4) Why do you think some celebrities marry so repeatedly or seemingly on a whim?

DM: I think many of them are just like us — looking for the One.

It takes courage and a very positive attitude to still believe in love after a divorce. Of course, there are others that seem to be in love with the idea of love. They  keep making the same mistake over and over. Also, celebs have so many options that it is hard  for them to make a long term commitment

5) How would you summarize the key to a successful celebrity marriage?

DM: Keeping celebrity and fame in perspective! People who live every detail of their lives in the public eye are doomed to fail .

6) What are some of them most popular reasons for the failure of a celebrity marriage?

DM: The same things that  cause a ” normal” marriage”  to fail exist in a celebrity marriage—-only  magnified 1000 times more. In addition to infidelity, growing apart  and lack of  trust etc. there are several instances of substance abuse. enormous egos  and long periods of being away on tour or location.

7) What can everyday people take from celebrity marriages to strengthen their own relationships?

DM: Marriages that have a higher purpose such as public service and philanthropy seem to have staying power.

Thank you Dana for the words of wisdom! This Ivy League-educated native New Yorker intends to change the dating landscape by offering marriage-minded singles, both straight and gay, a place to connect with others seeking a serious relationship. Michel states that the site implements a modern approach by ‘crowdsourcing’ love in much the same way as Facebook or Yelp. Her aim is to establish an online relationship community that reflects her life experience where people interact on a daily basis.

It will be fascinating to see what 2015 holds in store for celebrities and their love lives!