The majority of television watchers are feeling freaky! Last week’s fourth season premiere of American Horror Story set the record for the most-watched TV episode in FX network history. 10 million total viewers (6.54 million 18-49) turned on the terror and watched the creepfest that was AHS:Freak Show’s premiere episode. That bests last year’s American Story Horror: Coven premiere of 7.27 million by 38 percent. Apparently the rest of the world is just as thrilled as that this show is back on the air!

For those of you who helped the episode reach this record, you are well aware that this season is as scary and creepy as ever! With a mad, murderous clown (with a terrifying smile) and circus freaks up the wazoo, there is no telling what co-creator Ryan Murphy has in store for us. Even in the 10 pm slot, its shocking how this program is allowed on commercial television. Warning: do not let your children near a TV or a remote while this boundary-breaking, horror fest is on. There was serious violence, sexual imagery, and overt, grotesque freakiness all over the place.

In addition to the scares, AHS continues to deliver mind-blowing performances. Sarah Paulson stands out particularly, as she gives two very different performances simultaneously as the freak show in question’s new star, conjoined sisters Bette and Dot. The ladies share one body, resulting in a skillfully portrayed two-headed woman.


It’s unbelievable how Paulson how to film the entire show twice, as Bette and Dot have strikingly different personalities and respond to every thing and everyone in different ways and with different facial expressions. Paulson must have worked her tushy off. Just amazing.

Of course, Jessica Lange is superb too as German ex-cabaret star Elsa Mars, who dreams that her Jupiter, Florida freak show will be a huge success. The chilling final scene of the premiere showed why Elsa’s desires of being a big movie star were crushed and again showed excellent computer-grenerated imagery.

Based on last week’s success, the network also announced that it will deliver a fifth installment of American Horror Story in October 2015. Hooray! Murphy told EW last week that he has planted clues for the next year’s theme in the first two episodes of Freak Show. What could they be?!!?

It has been said that Lange will be leaving the program after this fourth season. What a shame. But with new huge stars signing up every year, it will be a thrill to see who else might come on board and who will be the show’s new head honcho.