Do you live and breathe for The Walking Dead? Do you have a fascination for UFOs and extraterrestial beings from far, far away? Then I have just the guy for you.

Jack Flacco is passionate about zombies. And aliens. And most things creepy crawly or scary or otherwordly. And he dedicates his life to bringing fans of the frightening reading content and amusement.


Based in Ontario, Jack has a successful blog that he dedicates to writing about all sorts of weird wonders. For example, he wrote a fabulous, detailed look at the new season of The Walking Dead this past week and did a recap for his love for Star Trek. Monday’s are especially dedicated to Jack’s fascination with the spooky and his articles are all based on entertainment related news and stories, particularly regarding zombies and aliens.

One of my favorite aspects of Jack’s blog is his Women Who Wow Wednesdays, in which he salutes the fierce, brave, butt-kicking women who star in movies and television. They are not all heroes; some are even villainous. But if the characters impress, delight, or entertain you in some way, they can be included in Jack’s weekly love letters. A few examples from the past few months? Clarice Sterling (Jodie Foster’s character in Silence of the Lambs), Claudia (Kirsten Dunst’s bloodsucking baby vampire in Interview with the Vampire), Angelina Jolie’s take on Maleficent, and the Women of Oz (i.e. the lead female cast in the James Franco flick Oz the great and Powerful). For a movie and television freak like myself, these articles are fabulous!


Jack also blends these passions with a love for writing about all kinds of other things in his Freedom Fridays, some the mundane day-to-day things people think about but take for granted. For recent FF articles, Jack wrote lovingly about his old iPod classic and gave a winning recipe for guacamole. His blog definitely keeps subscribers guessing and engaged.

In addition to his blog, Jack is a published novelist. This is another fantastic way for sci-fi lovers to experience his great writing. His first novel, Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse, was published last year and introduced the world to Ranger Martin, a gun-totin’ hero determined to rid the world of “chewers.”


For Ranger Martin fans or any fan of this type of science fiction, they can soon get more Mr. Martin. In this month’s Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion, the butt-kicking zombie slayer is back but this time in addition to the undead, there are also alien predators on the loose. Together with a rag tag team of teens, Ranger must fight the elements, hunt and fend off both zombies and the other-wordly beings, and liberate humanity from their military oppressors.

From the very first sentence, Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion draws you in. The action begins instantly and Jack’s descriptive, compelling writing style feels both new and thrilling as well as familiar and comfortable – like you’re watching your favorite zombie movie come to life through words. Ranger Martin is both fun, easy reading while being simultaneously heart-poundingly stimulating. I found the combination to be very enticing and easy to enjoy.

I’ll say it again – if you are a fan of zombies or aliens, you have found your new favorite guy. Jack Flacco knows these topics inside out and wants to discuss them with you ’til the cows come home! You will love him and his work.

Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion will be released on October 21st.