Fans of the cult classic Wet Hot American Summer are rejoicing over the news that Netflix will air an 8-episode “prequel” series! The movie’s writers Michael Showalter and David Wain are helming the series, with Wain directing and Showalter serving as showrunner. Wet Hot 2 already has a long list of the original stars attached, including Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, Janeane Garofalo, Bradley Cooper, Christopher Meloni, David Hyde Pierce, Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black and Joe Lo Truglio. Amazing!

wet-hot wet-hot-american-summer-bradley-cooper-amy-poehler

And the news keeps getting better and better. It was revealed that none other than the hilarious Kristen Wiig will be joining the show. And Jon Hamm! The Mad Men actor has showed off his funny bone as the host of numerous Saturday Night Live episodes and in countless other things, including alongside Wiig in Bridesmaids. Those who’ve seen Wet Hot can attest that these two goofballs fit in perfectly with the cast.



But that’s not all. Into the Wood‘s Chris Pine and Bored to Death‘s Jason Schwartzman will also have recurring or guest-star spots on the show.

Wet Hot American Summer took place over the last day at a (Jewish) sleep-away camp. Wet Hot 2 will take place on the first day of camp during the same summer of 1981. Wiig will reportedly be playing a snobby counselor at the preppy rival camp Camp Tigerclaw, while Hamm will play a secret spy. Pine and Schwartzman’s characters are not yet known.



Wet Hot American Summer is a favorite for many people. It is one of my favorite comedies of all time and was quoted regularly by me and my friends throughout college. If you haven’t seen it, you must get on that immediately. It’s absurd, hilarious, and totally goofy, and seeing Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, and Amy Poehler, among others, play these ridiculous people is a total blast.

Check out the teaser for the series, which plays the movie’s awesome pump-up song “Higher and Higher,” written and performed by Theodore Shapiro and Craig Wedren. It looks as though the entire original cast is back!