Many think that Valentine’s Day is a couples holiday, meant strictly for romance. I’ve always felt that Valentine’s is, instead, a day meant for showing love to anyone you care for in your life (remember in elementary school how you would give Valentines to every single classmate? That was awesome and adorable!). February 14’s holiday is for bringing joy to any of your special people – your best friends, a parent, co-workers, and especially yourself. This year, shower yourself with some extra TLC and treat your Number One to one (or ten!) of these Valentine’s-inspired accessories. They also make perfect gifts for besties, work friends, sisters, mamas, or any of the ladies in your life that you love!

Helen Ficalora 

Helen Ficalora signature charms are among the very best, and are some of the best-selling jewelry in the biz. She is credited with helping launch the ever-popular modern charm fad. The inspiration for this Valentine’s Day collection comes from Helen’s deep love and devotion to her family and friends and her passion for life. Each piece is designed to express just how filled with love our hearts are during this day and throughout the year. Helen Ficalora’s signature designs inspire beauty, love and peace. Timeless pieces crafted from beautiful yellow, pink and white gold with diamond accents reflect an appreciation for nature and organic form. Her collections have made it a favorite among celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Julianne Moore, Tina Fey and Karlie Kloss. Prices range depending on whether or not diamonds are included in the charm.

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Stoney Clover Lane

These fun charms bracelets are made on cheerful Liberty of London fabrics and are perfect for a woman with a youthful accessories style or for the younger lil ladies in your life! Stoney Clover Lane features ribbon/fabric charm and bead bracelets of all sorts (i.e. College fan? Find a charm with your college name on it. Animal lover? There’s a charm with your fave animal there too!). The average price per bracelet is $15.

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Ann Taylor

These pieces from Ann Taylor and LOFT are less Valentines’s Day-themed but are just perfect for any sexy date night or fun V-Day night out with friends. Ann Taylor and LOFT make the most amazing jewelry at fabulously affordable prices. Their jewels always feature the newest trends as well as classic looks. But the refined make and look of every piece ensures that any purchase can be worn by you forever. It truly boggles my mind how well-made and expensive their jewelry looks but how affordable the prices are. #FanforLife

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This website is an accessories-lover’s fantasy! Sterlingforever.com features every kind of jewelry, both classics and trendy pieces, all at an affordable price (average price per piece is around $30). The site has “Stylist Picks” and different specialized shops to choose from based on styles (i.e. right now there is one for stud earrings and one for sparkly, stackable rings). Here are a few pieces from their Valentine’s Day collection, on the site now.






Baby-G sports watches have been around for as long as I can remember and are known for being bright, bold, fun and funky. The brand has plenty of festive pink and white timepieces perfect to rock on February 14 or any day! These shock and water resistant watches comes in a variety of vibrant styles and are available at a great price range of $79 – $160. If you are a fitness junkie or colorful fashionista, these watches are the ideal do-it all accessory. A bright pink leopard print sports watch? Yes please!




However you plan on spending your Valentines Day, have a safe and love-filled day!